“I’m not going to see my grandson…” The father-in-law who was beaten by his son-in-law with 32 points changed his mind

“I was going to see my grandson… I have to think about it again.”

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers said in an interview after Philadelphia’s 137-133 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on the 26th 슬롯사이트 that he wanted to punch Seth Curry (Brooklyn) in the head.

There is a reason. The two have a special relationship. Seth Curry is married to Callie Rivers, daughter of director Doc Rivers. From Curry’s point of view, Rivers is the father-in-law, and from Rivers’ point of view, Curry is the son-in-law.

Coach Rivers almost lost a precious game because of his son-in-law. Philadelphia led the game with the performances of Joel Embiid (26 points, 10 rebounds) and James Harden (23 points, 3 assists), but it almost gave up the game because of Seth Curry’s (32 points) divine outside gun.

No matter how much he is his son-in-law, Rivers would have been burned every time Curry’s shot went in. In fact, as soon as the game was over, he said, “I wanted to punch Seth,” and “I was going to see my grandchildren this weekend… Seeing Seth’s appearance today, I’ll have to think about it again.”

On this day, Seth Curry recorded his personal season-high 32 points and made 7 of his 3-pointers. His 3-point shooting percentage is 70%. He felt like he scored a goal every time he shot. Philadelphia, second in the East, was being chased by Milwaukee in third by a 0.5 game gap. Moreover, Brooklyn is also ranked 4th in the East, so it is in the ranking competition. The match against Brooklyn was a game where losing was a big blow, but the son-in-law drove it to the brink of defeat. It was a dizzying moment for an adult craftsman.

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