Injury is an opportunity… Son Jun-ho “I want to be proven as a competitive player”

Injuries to key players are unfortunate. However, someone can get a valuable opportunity to compete.

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, lost 1-2 to Uruguay at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 28th. Son Jun-ho (31, Shandong Taishan) completed his A-match schedule in March by playing two games at Klinsman Lake. 카지노사이트

As usual, Son Jun-ho started from the bench. In the position of defensive midfielder, there was Jung Woo-young (Al Sadd), who had been a regular starter since former manager Paulo Bento.

Son Jun-ho was put in as a substitute when Jung Woo-young or other players were weak in the second half or when tactical changes were needed. On the 24th, against Colombia (2-2 draw), Son Jun-ho started from the bench and was replaced by Jung Woo-young in the 24th minute of the second half, and played his first cleansman game.

In the 33rd minute, with Uruguay leading 1-0, Jung Woo-young suddenly sat down on the ground. It was not a contest, and he was injured in the process of stealing the opponent’s ball. The dispatched medical team sent a signal that Jung Woo-young could not play.

Son Jun-ho, who was waiting on the bench, hurriedly prepared to be put in. He was put on as a substitute in the 35th minute without even having time to warm up properly.

Seizing the opportunity to be substituted early, Son Jun-ho played quickly and concisely between the defender and striker. With his unique amount of activity as a weapon, he actively stepped forward from pressing forward to joining the defense. Son Jun-ho walked the ground for about 60 minutes until his final whistle blew and showed off his presence in front of his new commander.

After the game, Son Jun-ho said, “I played a little more than expected because of Woo-young’s injury.” “The team tried to show a lot of what the new manager asked for on the pitch,” he explained.

He added, “Since the manager has changed, he wants to prove himself as a more competitive player, so he started quickly, but he tried to show everything in it.”

Son Jun-ho evaluated that Federico Valverde (Real Madrid) was impressive among his opponents. Coach Klinsmann also ordered Son Jun-ho to check Valverde well before joining. As requested by the coach, Son Jun-ho blocked Valverde’s movement and tried not to give him a chance.

Regarding coach Klinsmann’s attacking football, Son Jun-ho said, “He likes to make the first touch aggressively.” He noted that “when he gets the ball he puts a lot of emphasis on how quickly he finds players in front of him.”

Son Jun-ho promised victory in the next game, saying, “I am very grateful and encouraged by the many fans who came. I am sorry that I could not repay you with the result.”

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