‘Injustice of the compensation system’ Seonggon Moon’s question, KBL’s answer?

KBL held an FA briefing at the KBL Center Training Center on the 9th. Of the 47 players who qualified as free agents (FA), 17 attended, including Moon Seong-gon, Yang Hong-seok, Lee Dae-heon, Jeong Hyo-geun, and Choi Seong-won.

After 40 minutes of training, the players had a Q&A session. As it is an important time for individual players, Moon Seong-gon, Yang Hong-seok, and Jeong Hyo-geun asked questions about what they were always curious about. Anyang KGC’s Moon Seong-gon asked about the compensation system, which most free agents claim is unreasonable.

Currently, KBL is applying compensation to the original club for players who are in the top 30 in the previous year’s salary. Players within the 30th place in the salary ranking receive 200% of the previous season’s compensation or compensation players and 50% of the previous season’s compensation, players ranked 31st to 40th receive 100% of the previous season’s compensation, and players ranked 41st to 50th receive 50% of the previous season’s compensation. Obviously, the contract period expires, but compensation follows. This is the part that players think the most unreasonable. 카지노사이트

Kim Seong-tae, head of the operation team and deputy secretary-general, who started training, said, “A player within the 30th place in the salary hierarchy where a reward player occurs is a club A-class player. It is true that there are restrictions on transfers because of the compensation system from the player’s point of view. If the protection device of the original club goes in an unreasonable direction, we will change it. KBL will improve the FA system.”

Moon Seong-gon said about the question, “I asked something I was always curious about. It’s a free agent, but I thought it was not a free contract.”

Then he smiled and said, “I hope the club (KGC) will present good conditions.” 
#Photo = Reporter Jeong Ji-wook

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