‘It looks like Park Chan-ho’ RBI leader Yoshida’s patriotism, “I was worried but decided to play”

 Masataka Yoshida (29)’s patriotism played a big role in the team’s victory. 

The Japanese baseball team won 3-2 in a match against the US baseball team in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) final held at Londippo Park in Miami, USA on the 22nd. Japan won the championship and the United States finished runner-up. 스포츠토토

While the spotlight was on MVP Shohei Otani, Yoshida’s performance was crucial to the Japanese national team’s rise to the top. In particular, he wielded a heavy hit and even became the tournament RBI leader with 13 RBIs. 

In fact, Yoshida is currently decided to join the Boston Red Sox. The off-season spring camp, which is a period of adaptation for freshmen, is very important, and he sacrificed it to compete for the Japanese national team. He reminds me of Park Chan-ho, who was willing to go to the 1st WBC and Olympic qualifiers to represent South Korea. 

On the same day, according to the Japanese media ‘Mainichi Shimbun’, Yoshida said, “Of course, he was thinking about participating in the tournament, but he wanted to help the national team rise to the top.” 

Regarding his great performance, he added, “I think I was lucky. I just fought desperately one game after another. I am happy to be at the top like this with my colleagues, and I am happy to be able to wash coach Hideki Kuriyama.” 

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