‘It was only Newcastle yesterday’… Lee Kang-in wants 4 PL teams ‘explosive’

 Premier League clubs are competing silently for Lee Kang-in (22, RCD Mallorca).

Football media ‘The Hard Tackle’ reported on the 4th (Korean time), “Newcastle United wants to recruit Lee Kang-in and will compete with Fulham and Brighton & Hove Albion.”

Lee Kang-in, who has scored 3 goals and 5 assists in 26 league games this season, is evaluated as one of the most creative players in La Liga, although he does not have many offensive points. 카지노사이트

According to Whoscored, a soccer statistics media, Lee Kang-in recorded 38 key passes this season and is ranked 15th in La Liga. His number of successful dribbles ranked 7th with 48.

When Lee Kang-in performed well in the world-class soccer league La Liga at a young age, a lot of attention was poured out. During the winter transfer market in January, several clubs seriously considered signing Lee Kang-in, but withdrew due to Mallorca’s tough attitude.

However, it is unclear whether Mallorca can protect Lee Kang-in even in the summer. Reporter Fabrizio Romano, who is familiar with the transfer market news, said on the 2nd, “Lee Kang-in is expected to leave Mallorca this summer. Several Premier League clubs are keeping an eye on Lee Kang-in with the possibility of a transfer in mind.”

While the current Premier League clubs are keeping an eye on Lee Kang-in’s situation, it drew attention as it was revealed which club was aiming for Lee Kang-in.

The media said, “Lee Kang-in has the potential to grow into a top-class player, so Newcastle will have an advantage with a player like Lee Kang-in.” If there is a player there, it will help.”

“Newcastle is currently in third place in the league and is in an advantageous position to secure the right to advance to the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League,” he added.

“Fulham, which ranked 10th this season, wants to advance to Europe next season and needs to improve the quality of its squad, so Lee Kang-in will be a good recruit,” he said.

In addition to Plum, Aston Villa, led by Spanish coach Unai Emery, is also being pointed out as a possible destination for Lee Kang-in.

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