It wasn’t on the list of preferences… The reason why director Shin Young-chul chose a Slovenian 199cm foreigner “He was good in height and agility”

Ahead of the draft, four teams, including Korean Air, KEPCO, OK Financial Group, and KB Insurance, had already confirmed contract renewals, making the door even narrower. Besides, it was obvious that Yosubani would be picked first, and then the team was likely to pick Ikbairi. In the end, there was only one new face.

The 2023 KOVO men’s foreign player tryout ended the three-day schedule. As expected in the draft held on the 8th (Korean time), Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance selected Yosbani, and Hyundai Capital selected Ikbairi. I was curious about the choice of the last Woori Card, and director Shin Young-cheol was surprised by choosing Matei Kok (27, 199cm) from Slovenia, who was outside the rankings in the preliminary preference survey. However, it turned out that Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo also said, “If it wasn’t for Yosubani, I would have nominated Matei Kok.” It seems that the eyes of experts are all the same.

Manager Kim Sang-woo selected Eddy first in the Asian quarter and recruited Yosubani first in the foreigner tryout, and was satisfied with the best results, foretelling 카지노사이트 a changed Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

Coach Kim said, “It’s fortunate that the team color can change to be more aggressive.” I think the offensive power is determined only when other players, such as Kim Jeong-ho, prepare in receiving or defense.”

Yosubani, who said, “I want to become a champion again in Korea,” expressed confidence that she could challenge for the championship in the 7th place team, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. Yosubani said, “Of course, it is difficult for the 7th place team to win. However, if you can achieve something difficult, the joy and excitement will be doubled.” “7th place is not a problem. I will always do my best and I will do well with the players with the heart of a family, not a team.” He was aware of the implementation of the Asian quota. Yosubani said, “I knew about the Asian Quarter through KOVO’s Instagram.” If that player plays well, he will be a better option for the team.”

Ikbairi, who played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the first place last season, left Samsung Fire & Marine, but played the second season of the V-League at Hyundai Capital. Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong said, “I can’t say that there is a big difference in skills, but Ikbairi has experience in Korea. He seems more stable on the serve as well. Knowing our culture, I decided that the attitude of training and games would be good,” he said, explaining why he chose Ik by Lee.

He continued, “Ikbairi has quick feet, so I plan to maximize that advantage,” suggesting that Ikbairi already has a customized strategy. With the arrival of Ikbairi, Heo Soo-bong, who used to be an apposite spiker, will step out as an outside heater. Director Choi said, “Since Heo Soo-bong was an outside hitter until high school, I don’t think there will be a problem.

Director Shin Young-chul of Woori Card, who made a surprising nomination, said he was worried about Yosubani and Matei Kok. “Yosbani’s performance is better, and if you look at receiving, isn’t Matei Cock better?” said the new coach, “I made my own choice based on basic skills, volleyball skills, and movements. He is 1m99 tall, but his jump height is ok. He also had good dexterity. He also has power when it comes to blocking domestic players. He also had to think about defense,” he said, explaining why Matei Kok was nominated.

Matei Kok is an outside hitter, but he might be the apogee spiker on our card. Coach Shin said he watched the practice game with the apositivity in mind. Coach Shin Young-cheol, who said, “I made blocking and hitting highballs to see how Matei Kok did in the apogee,” said Shin Young-cheol, “they said in an interview that they might be able to do an apogee in the national team,” revealing their intention to use both.

Matei Kok seemed surprised even himself when he was named. Matei Kok, who entered the interview room unable to hide her delight, said, “It was so good. “I didn’t expect it at all,” she said with a laugh. Matei Kok, who said he knew the V-League well through his colleague Gasparini, said, “I heard that the system is well established and the support of the club is good. And I came to this tryout, and I was surprised that the preparation was better than I thought.”

He came to Korea as a national team when he was 17 years old, but he didn’t know much about Korea. However, he said, “I will work as hard as I can in Korea and try to become a leader. He wants to help the team by playing in as many games as possible.” When asked about his impression of director Shin, he said, “He is strict and seems to want results.” When he was asked if he could produce the results the director wanted, he resolutely said, “I can do it.”

The 2023-24 V-League Men’s Division is the players that six foreign players knew. Will those who have already adapted to Korean volleyball produce results as expected? Or will the only new face create a new wind?

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