KB Insurance completes contract with 3 internal free agents in ‘big fish’ Na Kyung-bok

 KB Insurance has recruited not only internal FAs (free agents) but also external FAs.

KB Insurance said, “We successfully signed free agent contracts with internal free agents, middle blockers Park Jin-woo and Woo Sang-jo, and outside heater Hwang Kyung-min.” ”, he announced.

Hwang Kyung-min signed a contract early. On the 10th, he signed a contract for 605 million won (annual salary of 500 million won, option of 105 million won) and announced the news of the first free agent in the men’s division. Woo Sang-jo then renewed the contract for 90 million won (70 million won in annual salary, 20 million won in option) and Park Jin-woo at 360 million won (260 million won in annual salary, 100 million won in option).

I caught a big one. By bringing in Na Kyung-bok, the depth of the wings was made even thicker, and Na Gyeong-bok is scheduled to join the team from the 2024-2025 season after completing a military lease at the end of April. However, if he is selected as a national representative at the upcoming 2023 Hangzhou Summer Asian Games and wins a gold medal, he can join immediately.스포츠토토

Hu In-jeong, head coach of KB Insurance, said, “I am very satisfied with the fact that we have succeeded in renewing contracts for internal players who were subject to FA and recruiting external players, so that we can reinforce our strength without any leakage of power.” I am grateful to owner Kim Ki-hwan,” he said. “We will do our best to prepare during the off-season so that we can show a better image to the fans who always support us.” Kkkang@sportsseoul.com

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