KBL Finance Committee sanctioned Baltazar for 2 seasons of disqualification for ignoring Samsung

The judgment of the KBL Finance Committee was a two-year disqualification.

KBL held a Finance Committee on the morning of the 9th and deliberated on Justin Balthazar’s breach of contract. After discussing for a long time, the answer was that the qualification for the second season was lost. 카지노

Baltazar should have entered the country by the 1st, but cut off contact with Samsung and staged a ‘no show’ situation. Due to this, Samsung tried to help Balthazar enter the country by preparing a visa issuance procedure until the player registration period, but the recruitment failed.

Philippine local media reported that Baltazar was unable to enter the country due to a delay in visa issuance due to the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday. However, this is not a fact. As a result of Samsung’s confirmation at the embassy, ​​it was not possible to identify any process related to visa issuance.

KBL first imposed a two-year penalty of disqualification in accordance with the principle in relation to contract violations. I don’t know if this is a reasonable decision.

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