KBO Last Dance at 30? Shall we spend a splendid year at Lotte? If I didn’t bring it, it would be ‘terrible’ 

 I’m 30 years old, but it’s the last dance in KBO?

A Lotte official said nothing has been confirmed yet. Still, at this point, the possibility of breaking up at the end of this season is higher. Outfielder Ahn Kwon-soo (30) released from Doosan. After graduating from Waseda Technical High School in Japan, he went through the Japanese independent league and social league, passed the rookie draft through a tryout in 2019, and became a KBO leaguer.

However, since he is the most Korean, he has to fulfill his military service in order to continue his career in Korea. If not, he has to go back to Japan. This part was also decisive for Doosan to release Ahn Kwon-soo after the 2022 season. However, Lotte highly evaluated Ahn Kwon-soo’s talent and made a bold decision.먹튀검증

As a result, Lotte’s recruitment of Ahn Kwon-soo is proceeding successfully. It flutters. In 12 demonstration games, he made a big success with 16 hits in 28 at-bats, a batting average of 0.571, 6 RBIs and 8 points. In the regular season, he scored 21 hits in 64 at-bats with a batting average of 0.328, 5 RBIs and 7 points in 16 games until the match against Changwon NC on the 21st.

On the 22nd, the Changwon NC Game enjoyed the joy of his first home run after his KBO debut. At the beginning of the 3rd inning, behind 0-1, NC starter Shin Min-hyeok’s 137km fastball was captured with 1 company and 2nd base, and a two-run arch was drawn in the final round of superiority. After that, after adding a sacrifice blow, he even hit a solo shot with wedge superiority in the 9th inning. Naturally, his debut multi-four.

In Doosan, he was a backup outfielder, but in Lotte, he is the main leadoff. Excluding the game against LG in Busan on the 11th, it has been consistently leading. On this day, with Hwang Seong-bin, who returned from a minor injury, he made a pretty tricky table setter. For Lotte, it is a very attractive number 1 or 2.

He’s a runner who has yet to prove his consistency in long races. There will definitely come a time when this pace will drop once, and then you have to watch the process of overcoming and recovering. In the process, he is likely to send a career high if he struggles less.

Perhaps, at the age of 30, he could perform the most spectacular last dance. In a way, he may be playing baseball with a more earnest heart. He thinks he would have been terrible if he hadn’t brought Ahn Kwon-soo to Lotte.

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