Kim Chang-soo, who transformed into a playing coach, “I prepared for retirement… an important time to become a leader”

Reporter Kim Do-yong = Kim Chang-soo (38), who postponed his decision to retire and takes on a new challenge as a “playing coach” in the new team Cheonan City FC, emphasized that 2023 is an important time for him.

At a press conference held at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 8th, Kim Chang-soo said, “I joined Cheonan as a playing coach. It is a role that serves as both a player and a coach, so you should not lean towards either side. You have to strike a good balance. We are trying to help,” he said.

Kim Chang-soo, who made his pro debut in Ulsan Hyundai in 2004, is a veteran who is celebrating his 20th professional career this year. He participated in 25 A matches, including the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and joined as a wild card in the 2012 London Olympics, helping Korea win the bronze medal for the first time ever.

After his long career on the professional stage, he prepared for his retirement by playing for Incheon United last year. However, Kim Chang-soo decided to continue his career as a player for another year in Cheonan, where he last reached out to him.

Kim Chang-soo explained the reason for joining, “Actually, I decided to retire last year. However, I received an offer from Cheonan, and I decided to go to Cheonan because I thought it would be an important time on my way to becoming a leader.”

Although he enthusiastically joined Cheonan, Kim Chang-soo suffered a muscle injury in his left calf during training in Thailand and is currently resting. Instead of not being able to play in the game, Kim Chang-soo plays the role of a big brother by giving advice to juniors outside the stadium.

Kim Chang-soo said, “The coach wants me to play in the game, but now I can’t be with him due to an injury. I think I’m ready to come back,” he said. 온라인카지노

I can’t be together on the playground, but I’m approaching my juniors outside. It is also the role of Kim Chang-soo that director Park Nam-yeol wanted.

Kim Chang-soo said, “The coach advised me, ‘If you want to lead a life as a leader, you have to say everything you want to say to the players.’ The burden has eased,” he said.

He continued, “I have a lot of conversations whenever I have time and inspire my juniors with confidence. Especially, I talk a lot with 19-year-old players who have just made their professional debut.” I just thought it would work out right after I played . However, the professional stage was not easy. I remember a lot from that time, so I give advice to the players, and fortunately, my juniors are also accepting it well.”

Kim Chang-soo said, “Because it is a new team, we were lacking from one to ten in the beginning. However, as we go through the season, we are seeing the missing parts being filled.” I think I can show my full potential.”

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