“Kim Gwang-hyun was like that, you can explode” SSG, 2 rookies opener ‘ssuk’… 19-year-old rebellion

 Not one, but two. I see ’19-year-old rebellion’. Two new high school graduates of the ‘defending champion’ SSG aim for the opening entry. Quite likely. The main characters are Roun Lee (19) and Youngjin Song (19).

Rowoon Lee is a first-round pick in the 2023 rookie draft. In the second round, Song Young-jin was called. It means that among the rookies selected by SSG, they are the two pitchers judged to be the best. As a down payment, Lee Rowun received 250 million won and Song Youngjin received 150 million won. He spent a lot of money.

He has been with the first team since spring camp. The coaching staff, including coach Kim Won-hyung, wanted to see it in person. He caught the eye from the bullpen pitching stage. From the mouth of coach Kim Won-hyung, a former great pitcher who won 134 wins in total, “Looking at the pitch, the pitch is good. It is a passing point” came out. 토토사이트

It was also good in the trial game. Lee Rowun played 5 games and recorded 1 loss, 3 holds, and an average ERA of 5.40. In his first two matches, it was great that he allowed 2 runs in 1 inning and 1 run in 1 inning. In the subsequent 3 games, all scored 1 scoreless inning. He didn’t even have a hit.

On the 26th, coach Kim Won-hyung said, “Lee Ro-woon threw vigorously during the spring camp. He entered the demonstration game and got hit, so there was an image of him trying not to get hit. He pointed out, “I want him to throw it vigorously.” did you hear this On the 28th, in the final match of the demonstration game against LG, he sprayed the maximum speed of 151 km per hour and blocked it with one inning scoreless. Coach Won-hyung Kim hinted at including the 1st team.

Song Young-jin is also good. He appeared in 4 games and had 1 win, 1 hold and an earned run average of 1.50 in 6 innings. In the game against NC on the 19th, he scored 1 run in 2 innings and scored no runs in the remaining 3 games. He even boasts a sense of stability unlike a rookie.

Director Kim Won-hyung said, “I don’t know if he trembles inside, but he doesn’t have that kind of appearance on the outside. He is like a player who has been playing for several years. He looks like he’s trying to win. With a little more polish, he’ll be a good player. He explained that if he throws like now, he can even make an opening entry.”

He also expressed his satisfaction at the friendly competition. “Maybe they will become conscious of each other. When I watch my comrades throw on the bench, of course I want to go out too. There is something coming up inside. I did too.

“The two of them get along well. It will be consciousness, not consciousness. Same teammates and peers do, but other team players also become conscious. It’s fun to watch.

For now, it’s good, but the regular league is different. An exhibition match is a test after all. The real thing comes in the regular season. Roun Lee and Youngjin Song also meet completely new hitters. We have to win here.

Director Kim Won-hyung said, “Hitters change 180 degrees. attitude will be different. Don’t care, you have to throw your own ball. You shouldn’t have too many thoughts. can be right It will hurt. You can also go to Futures. I just have to work hard and come up in the first team.”

“Kim Gwang-hyun also exploded a lot when he was 20 years old. He worked hard and came up. He is so recognized. Aren’t they all talented players? It can be fun. Even if it’s right, you have to push it to the point of recklessness. You have to think about the ‘why’ while being right. Our players know.”

SSG’s entry for the final opening game has not yet been confirmed. It is expected that they will continue to think about the final 1 or 2 spots. Director Kim Won-hyung also checked Lee Kun-wook and Seo Dong-min. Still, it is expected that Lee Ro-wun and Song Young-jin can be found in the first team roster for the opening game. raining99@sportsseoul.com

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