Ko Hyeon-min of Chosun University, watching and learning from ‘Chosun’s Shooter’

 “I play the game with the Joseon shooter in mind.”

Chosun University recruited 9 new students this year, greatly increasing its available number of students. Coach Kang Yang-hyeon has been working hard to expand the player base since joining Chosun University, and the results continued this season.

Chosun University, which was unable to properly organize a list of 12 players, should now be forgotten. Last year, goodwill competition within the team was held, and this year, the competition is expected to be even hotter.토토사이트

One of the players who is getting a chance to play in the freshman year is Ko Hyeon-min (185cm, G).

Ko Hyun-min said, “I was half worried and half expecting, but his older brothers supported me well, so I can do it with confidence. When he was in high school, I thought he was weak in physical combat and had good stamina, but when he played practice games with other universities, everyone was good in body and speed, so I was worried. He is motivated to do better,” he said. I still don’t have the skills. He has to follow the team defense more, and he has to put in what he can in offense,” he said of his feelings about playing in the college basketball league.

When we met during the days of An Nam-jung, Ko Hyeon-min said, “Jo Seong-min is my role model. He has a neat shooting form and puts it in when he needs to,” he said. “I want to be a player who shoots well and everything is perfect. He said, “I will achieve results through hard work rather than talent.”

When asked if Coach Seong-min is still a role model, Hyun-min Koh said, “There is Coach Seong-min Cho at KGC Ginseng Corporation, and I still learn from his shooting form or watching videos. He plays the game with Joseon’s shooter in mind.”

Chosun University, which had short training sessions in Korea, went to Japan training camp for about a month during the last winter training period.

Ko Hyeon-min said, “There were many losing games (in the training camp in Japan), but I tried to learn from the Japanese players and learn what the coach instructed.” He said he wished He doesn’t just throw shots, he has to be active in attack and work harder in defense.”

Ko Hyun-min, who is recording an average of 4.2 points, including 10 points including two 3-pointers in the first confrontation with Korea University, said, “The defense that can put pressure on the front line, the shooting ability that can shoot while moving, and the talking, energy, and passion that can save rebounds and teammates are great. advantage. The downside is that I can’t play for a long time in college, so I have to play short and come out, but I try to supplement my stamina,” he told me about his strengths and weaknesses.

In the men’s university division, a total of six games were played with two matches in the same group. After the midterm break, we will play against another group.

Chosun University will have its 7th game of the season against Konkuk University on the 28th.

Ko Hyeon-min promised, “I’m a freshman, but I will become a player who plays actively even if I make a miss with a spirit.”

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