Ko Jin-young “My goal for the first half is to freely swing my swing… I am confident”

Ko Jin-young (28), who is challenging the first champion of the LPGA Tour JM Eagle LA Championship (total prize money of 3 million dollars), announced that her goal in the first half of the year is to freely change her swing.

In an interview ahead of the tournament held at Wilshire Country Club (par 71) in Los Angeles, California, USA on the 27th (Korean time), Ko Jin-young said, “Compared to the past few years, I am swinging most confidently these days.”

Jin-young Ko, who won one win last year but suffered the worst slump since her debut on the LPGA Tour due to a wrist injury in the second half of the year, met coach Lee Si-woo again during winter training to correct the overall swing.

Having won the HSBC Women’s World Championship in March, the second event of the season, in a year, she was on the right track by placing in the top 10 four times in five tournaments this year.

In addition, at the first major Chevron Championship of the season last week, he reduced 4 strokes on the last day and finished the tournament in a tie for 9th, raising his momentum.

Ko Jin-young said, “It is most important to maintain a sense of golf because the swing and feel are different for each hole.” was There are times when the feeling comes and goes and disappears after a few holes, but compared to the past few years, I am swinging with the most confidence.”

He said, “Grades are important, but I believe that results vary depending on how much I focus on myself. In the long run, the most important goal is to focus on myself and play without stress as much as possible.”

Wilshire Country Club, where the tournament is held, has a particularly small green, so players pay a lot of attention to the accuracy of their iron shots. Koh Jin-young, who ranks first (78.3%) in green hit rate on the LPGA Tour this season, is the strongest candidate to win.

Ko Jin-young said, “It is important to put the ball on the green because it is not easy to put it on the green. When you make a mistake on the green, there are so many tricky situations that you need to concentrate when attacking the green. He also revealed his strategy, saying, “The green bounces well, so I don’t care about this part and I will do my strokes confidently.”ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Yoo Hae-ran (22), who is in his rookie season, said, “Wilshire Country Club is a course where I was invited to play as an amateur.” Recently, there has been a lot of rain in LA, so it seems to have softened. I’ve played a couple of LA golf courses, but most of them have small greens and the putting lines don’t go the way I want them to. When I read the green, I will focus more on the second shot.”

Hae-Ran Yoo tied for 7th at the LPGA Drive-On Championship, his first tournament as a rookie last month, but later showed a faltering performance by finishing in a tie for 18th, 65th and 56th. In the meantime, at the Lotte Championship, Grace Kim (Australia), a competitor for the rookie award, won the championship first.

Yoo Hae-ran said, “I was very greedy because I finished the first tournament so well. I had to pass it calmly when I didn’t like the play, but I was inexperienced in that part,” he said, looking back. This week, I took lessons from a lesson pro I learned in the US, and my shot got better.”

Meanwhile, Ko Jin-young will start the first round of the LA Championship at 5:10 am on the 28th with Ally Ewing (USA) and Jodi Uwart Shadowf (England). Yoo Hae-ran tees off at 4:15 am with fellow rookies Alexa Fano (USA) and Sophia Schubert (USA).

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