Koo Chang-mo, who is about to join Lee Kang-cheol-ho, encounters a helper for adapting to the WBC official ball

 NC Dinos left-hander Chang-mo Koo (26), who has been given the Taegeuk mark, is raising his pace in line with joining the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team training. 

According to the team on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time), Chang-mo Koo, who is participating in the spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA, threw 30 pitches each at an 80% level in the first pitching. He is preparing to hit 50 pitches before joining the national team. 

Before starting pitching on the 3rd, Koo Chang-mo first tried to talk to newly joined foreign pitchers Eric Peddie and Taylor Widener to get various advice about the WBC official ball, which is the same as the major league official ball. Peddy and Widener kindly explained the differences between the types of WBC official ball with a low seam and tips for using the slippery ball.

Right-hander Lee Yong-chan (34), who was called up to the WBC team, is also steadily preparing. He threw 30 pitches in his first pitching and is adjusting his pace with a goal of 70 pitches before joining the national team. Park Kun-woo (33), who will play a part in Lee Kang-cheol-ho’s outfield, is currently in 70-80% condition and plans to make himself fit to play in matches when he joins the national team. 

Pitching coach Kim Soo-kyung said, “We plan to prepare ample starting resources in consideration of variables in various international competitions.” He said, “It takes time to check the players’ abilities, but many players who can compete for selection have joined this camp. Considering variables such as the WBC and Asian Games, we are considering starting 7-8.” 

In addition, “As this is the first camp in three years where the weather is good, we let the players plan their own pitching schedules according to their recovery status and routine so that they do not get injured ahead of their motivation. We finished the camp without injuries according to the planned pitching schedule. I think it will lead me to do it,” he added. 

Meanwhile, the training atmosphere of the catcher team, including Park Se-hyeok (33), Park Dae-on (28), An Joong-yeol (28), and Kwon Jung-woong (31), reached its peak. He said that he has been well prepared to the extent that he can go to the real battle right away. 

Battery coach Kim Jong-min said, “The four catchers, who are clearly motivated by a new team and a new environment, digested the first turn with enthusiasm. We focused on training. Everyone was in a competitive relationship, but they were full of energy in a fun atmosphere.” 안전놀이터 

He continued, “The catcher part of this camp has set the goal of identifying the characteristics of our team’s pitchers. As there are many new players for both pitchers and catchers, the priority is to identify our team’s pitchers.”

He added, “Before pitching, we plan to have a conversation with the pitcher who will be breathing on the pitching theme of the day, and after pitching, we will make notes on the characteristics we have identified and accumulate data.” Coach Kim Jong-min’s camp goal is one. I hope to have a healthy competition without injury.

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