Leang returns, but ‘Derby 3 consecutive wins’ AC Milan, will it be different this time?

 It is already three straight Derby victories. AC Milan’s Milan derby results for the 221st derby.

In the second leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, which will be held at 4:00 am (Korean time) on the 17th, AC Milan, which was on the defensive 0-2, faces Inter Milan at home. Of course, it is the same thing that Inter Milan is also the same home stadium.

In the first leg, AC Milan suffered a humiliating 0-2 rout.

In the opening goal, captain Davide Calabria was completely pushed back in a physical struggle with Edin Dzeko, and in the subsequent goal, Theo Hernandez slipped 먹튀검증 on the pitch and gave Henrik Mikhitaryan an open chance. 

All of this happened in just 3 minutes, 8 to 11 minutes.

AC Milan, who tasted the shame itself, did not even have the main striker Rafael Leang, and Ismael Benasser, who would replace his role a little with a switching play, was replaced early and had no choice but to cry.

The only comfort was the overturning of Inter Milan’s PK, which could have been the third goal.

Of course, the roster has not been confirmed, but AC Milan are with striker Rafael Leão. Leang, who was on the injured list right after the match against Lazio on May 6, digested a training session in training on the 15th. Return faster than expected.

However, we cannot guarantee victory. Leão scored only two goals (two assists) in 12 matches against Inter Milan. He even scored no goals in cup competitions, and the cup competitions he participated in have recorded 1 draw and 4 losses so far, and a draw against Inter Milan. This is a good opportunity to change the flow in this game.

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