Lee Kang-in receives ‘love calls’ from all over the place… Is it possible to join the Asian Games?

Will you go to England or stay in Spain? After sleeping, a new club makes a love call. There is a place that looks at Lee Kang-in with a complicated mind, and it is the Asian Games national team.

Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok visited the scene.


His stamina shook the net by running 60m in the 50th minute of the second half.

From defense to goal in just 23 seconds, he was responsible for everything.

Asian Games postponed for a year due to Corona 19.

In the meantime, Lee Kang-in has grown remarkably.

[Hwang Seon-hong/Asian Games soccer team coach: It’s a lot better than before. So that I can play well and play in my favorite position… ]

From today (15th), all 24 people training together are K-League players.

At this event, the story of Lee Kang-in, who has not yet been on the national team list, is not missing.

[Lee Jae-ik/Asian Games soccer team: Actually, Kang-in did that before going to the (U-20) World Cup. We’re really going to win… ]

In this national team, players who finished runner-up in the U-20 World Cup 4 years ago are still on the list.

It would be perfect if Lee Kang-in, who was the 먹튀검증 main player at the time, joined, but there is a problem.

The Asian Games in September will be held after the European league season has just begun.

It is not a FIFA-sponsored tournament, so you cannot join unless your team cooperates.

As he is a must-have player, the national team will directly persuade him.

[Hwang Seon-hong/Asian Games soccer team coach: I plan to go to Europe as well. I’m thinking of going and meeting the club officials and percussion… ]

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