Lee Myung-gi FA C grade mystery? The answer lies in the salary cap

The biggest obstacle to free agent transfer is the compensation player. 20 to 25 (Class B) must give one person other than protected players. It means that the power of the 1st group is drained.

To minimize these obstacles to players, the FA rating system was created.

Players were classified according to their age, annual salary, and number of FAs. Players classified as Class C do not need compensation players even if they change teams.

Class C players can be less burdened with transfers. However, there are currently two C-class players left in the market. Pitcher Kang Ri-ho and outfielder Lee Myung-gi are the main characters.

If you look at the records, Lee Myeong-gi is close to a mystery.

He debuted in SK in 2008 and had a career batting average of 0.307 until last year.

Last year, he had a sluggish batting average of 0.260, but in the 2021 season alone, he is a player with a high batting average of 0.293.

He can worry about the aging curve. He now turns 36 alone. However, his accuracy and speed are still evaluated as being alive.

Although he is a player involved in the corona sulpan scandal, Park Min-woo, who was present, signed a super-large contract with NC. It’s hard to say exactly why. 토토사이트

He is unable to find a place to go amidst the cold treatment of his original club, NC. The club that he is clearly interested in has not yet appeared. What is the reason?

The vast majority of general managers talked about the impact of the salary cap. It was said that the burden of the salary cap made him hesitate to recruit Lee Myung-ki.

The general manager of Team A said, “Currently, it is difficult to meet the salary cap. Every year there is bound to be a natural increase. Even if you can afford it now, it is difficult to spend additionally because the situation may change after next year. It is difficult to say that Lee Myung-gi is now an essential force. It’s not even a reliable backup. It is very difficult to set his ransom. There are doubts about whether he is a necessary enough player to sign without being affected by the salary cap. If he was a necessary player, the contract would have been made early,” he said.

The general manager of Team B also pointed out that the burden of the salary cap is becoming an obstacle in the end.

Team B’s general manager said, “Even if he had only been a free agent a year ago, Lee Myeong-gi would have been a popular free agent. But now he can’t help thinking about the salary cap. Lee Myung-gi’s value is high as an insurance player, but his skills are noticeably deteriorated to be used as a starting pitcher right away. Lee Myung-gi’s side is showing a position that the ransom price can be drastically lowered, but basically, the cost that needs to be entered will be incurred anyway. Now, even that much is a burden because of the salary cap. He thinks it is common for each team not to reach out as much as possible unless it is an essential player. Lee Myung-gi is a useful player, but he is not a necessary resource. Clubs burdened by the salary cap will find it even less necessary. Coming out as a free agent at a bad time is becoming fatal for Lee Myung-gi.”

The power of the salary cap is more than we thought. Except for a few low-ranking teams, everyone is feeling the burden of the salary cap.

It can be said that Lee Myung-gi is trapped in the barrier of the salary cap and has the risk of being invincible for a long time.

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