Lee Sang-min in tears after ‘fatal mistake’, sprinting for ‘atonement’ “I wanted to keep running through the pain”

After shedding tears in their last meeting, the 19-year-old prospect was all smiles after a game of atonement.

Suwon defeated Ulsan 3-1 in the 23rd round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 7 p.m. on Friday.

Speaking to the Mixed Zone after the game, Lee Sang-min (19) said, “It was a tight schedule. It was really hard for me to play today even though I usually only play for short periods of time. I felt that my older brothers who play more hours than me are amazing. Thanks to the fans for their constant support, we showed a good performance.”

For the players, it was a game of atonement. Lee Sang-min conceded a last-minute penalty against Ulsan in their last meeting. Suwon lost the match 2-3 after conceding a late goal to Ulsan, who were in a tight match against the leaders. After the game, Lee was in tears in front of the home crowd.

Recalling the situation, Lee said, “I made a ridiculous mistake and the team lost. “After the game, the fans were chanting my name, and I was trying to hold back my tears. I was trying to hold back tears, but then I burst out.”

He received a lot of comfort from his fans afterward. “I received a lot of messages through my personal SNS,” he said, “I thought I deserved a lot of criticism, but there wasn’t a single bad word. I was really grateful. It gave me a lot of strength.”

As if to clear his mind, Lee played 68 minutes without a break against Ulsan on the 15th. Sang-min, who usually plays as a wing forward, played left wingback against Ulsan. He moved between the offensive and defensive zones and shook the Ulsan team’s flanks.

Just before he was substituted, he complained of leg pain. Coach Kim Byung-soo realized that he couldn’t play anymore and loudly shouted at him to “sit down”. He slumped to the ground, pounding on the ground and expressing his disappointment at the substitution sign. “I had a hamstring injury from the previous game. But I thought I could play with this much pain,” he said. “The coach believed in me and put me in the starting lineup. I felt I had to repay him a little bit. At the end, my body didn’t cooperate. I was sorry and disappointed for my brothers, the coaching staff and the manager,” he said.

It was the first home win in 12 league games. Suwon was unable to win despite the passionate support of their home fans. Lee Sang-min said, “I was grateful that so many fans came to every game. We apologize for not being able to reciprocate.” “I think the Ulsan game was a game where we got rid of the pressure. The fans always applaud us even when we make mistakes. It gave me strength. Even when I’m struggling, hearing their cheers gives me strength. I’m really grateful,” he said, shaking off some of the pressure.바카라사이트

Even though they caught first-place Ulsan, Suwon is still in last place. They face 11th-ranked Gangwon FC in the next round. With only one point separating them, the standings could flip depending on the outcome of the match. “We can’t celebrate for long because we caught the first place team,” said Lee Sang-min. “It’s Gangwon. We will not be complacent and will prepare perfectly to bring home a victory.”

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