Lee Soo-min, who returned after being discharged from the military, “a satisfactory comeback in his hometown, Gangwon-do”… 2 strokes behind Yoseob Seo and Yongjun Bae, co-leaders

2019 Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Tour prize money king Lee Soo-min (30), who completed his military service, made a successful comeback and promised to play an active part this season.

Lee Su-min scored 6 birdies, 1 bogey, and 1 double bogie in the 1st round of the 2023 KPGA Korean Tour season opening DB Insurance Promi Open held at Ravi Bell CC (par 72, 7148 yards) in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 13th, 3 under par 69 strokes , and started in a tie for 11th place, two strokes behind the joint leader with Seo Yo-seop, Bae Yong-joon, Jang Hee-min, Kim Seung-hyeok, and Ko Gun-taek, who hit a 5-under-par 67 strokes.

Lee Soo-min, former KPGA Korean Tour Rookie of the Year (2014) and Prize Money King (2019), is a star with a total of 5 wins with 4 domestic wins and 1 overseas win. He won 20 victories as an amateur while serving as the national team, and after winning the KPGA Tour Gunsan CC Open as an amateur in 2013, he won his second championship in 2015, his second year as a professional, and drew attention.바카라

Lee Soo-min, who won the 2016 European Pro Tour (DP World Tour) Shenzhen International, the 2019 Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Choi Kyung-ju Invitational, and the 2020 KPGA Open with Solago CC, enlisted in April 2021, was discharged last October, and has been preparing for a comeback by undergoing winter training.

After the match, Lee Soo-min said, “I have a comeback match in my hometown Gangwon-do (from Pyeongchang), but the results were always bad in Gangwon-do competitions.” out,” he said. “The scale of the tour has grown compared to before I went to the military, and the number of tournaments has increased, so I am looking forward to it. I want to achieve good results by focusing on the domestic tour this season, and since this tournament is a return match, I will do my best in each round rather than aiming for the championship.”

Six players returned from military service this season. Lee Soo-min, who started with the best performance by participating in the opening match with Jeon Garam, Kim Jong-hak, Ko In-seong, and Park Hyeon-seo, aims to win the first tournament after being discharged six years after Maeng Dong-seop won the Dong-seop Promy Open in 2017.

Seo Yo-seop, who won 2 wins last season and placed second in the Genesis Grand Prix, showed a sharp shot with 7 birdies and 2 bogeys, while Rookie of the Year Bae Yong-joon tied for the lead with 6 birdies and 1 bogey last season. Defending champion Park Sang-hyun started with a 2-under 70, tied for 19th.

Seo Yo-seop said, “I didn’t feel nervous or excited about the opening game after playing on the Asian Tour.”

Kim Gyeong-tae, a “monster” with 20 domestic and international wins, started to return to the domestic stage that day, but withdrew after complaining of back pain after losing three strokes to the 15th hole due to hunting, such as a tee shot on the first hole falling into the water.

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