Lee Won-jun 72G, Lee Geo-yeon 30G, Choi Sang-min 30G suspensions… KBO confirms ‘kick and assault’ discipline

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) has suspended players for kicking and assaulting junior players.

The KBO held a punishment committee meeting at the KBO Conference Room on the 19th to deliberate on Lee Won-jun, who SSG requested a waiver on the 13th, and current SSG players Lee Ig-yeon and Choi Sang-min.

Lee Won-jun, Lee Yi-yeon, and Choi Sang-min were accused of harsh behaviour towards some players during a training break at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa, Incheon, on 6 June. Lee Won-jun additionally hit a player twice in the thigh with a baseball bat.

The KBO Punishment Committee decided to suspend Lee Won-jun for 72 games based on Article 151 of the KBO Code of Conduct, which refers to behaviour that impairs dignity, for his harsh behaviour and assault.

The SSG also decided to impose a 30-game suspension on Lee Geo-yeon and Choi Choi-min for their harsh behaviour based on Article 151, ‘Impairment of Dignity’.안전놀이터

The KBO Punishment Committee warned SSG that the club reported the incident to the KBO Clean Baseball Centre immediately after becoming aware of it and actively cooperated with the follow-up.

Now that the KBO has made its decision, the club cannot take further disciplinary action. The 10 clubs agreed to this. This is to prevent double punishment. In Lee’s case, the SSG decided that “release” was not double punishment.

An SSG official said, “He was a sincere player. It seems that he got angry in the heat of the moment. He had a bad neck and felt something wrong when he hit his head.” “Whatever the reason, assault is not acceptable. It was necessary to act decisively.”

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