Makachev, who won ‘without Khabib’, won a 3-0 decision over Volkanovski

Islam Makhachev (32, Russia) revealed to the world that he is the successor of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

UFC 284 was held in Perth, Australia on the 12th.

Islam Makhachev, who decorated the main event, won his first defense fight by winning a 3:0 decision victory over Alexander Volkanovski (35, Australia), who challenged Alexander Volkanovski (35, Australia), who raised his featherweight champion to a weight class in his first defense match. decorated with

The 1st defensive battle did not simply mean ‘the first’, but was a ‘moment of hurdle’. Although Volkanovski has enemies at featherweight, he is an all-weather fighter who has worked from featherweight to middleweight.

Besides, he was a rugby player and once weighed over 100kg. Weight classes didn’t mean anything to Volkanowski. However, as Makachev successfully completed the first defense battle, which is the biggest hurdle, the future is expected to be solid.

The three referees scored 48:47, 49:46 and 48:47, giving Makachev a decision victory. It was a match that showed the highlight of martial arts.

Makachev was cautious, while Volkanovsky was aggressive. But overall, Makachev held the key to victory. Through close combat, he used an effective hitting strategy and put pressure on the impatient Volkanovski. Until the 4th round, Makachev showed a clear advantage. 바카라

Volkanovski, who thought he was trailing in points, dominated the fight in the 5th round, but could not bring out a clear turnaround. In the end, with a 3:0 decision, the referee declared Makachev’s victory.

Makachev said, “I was surprised at how strong Volkanovski was. Next time he wants to face a lightweight fighter.”

Meanwhile, Makachev’s expedition drew attention because his mentor and best friend, former lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, did not coach. Khabib always accompanied Makachev as a coach, but on this day, he only watched the game from the stands.

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