Man dubbed a defensive god faces possible jail time for ‘fraud’

[ The ‘God of Defense’ has been caught in a scam after retirement.

The Memphis Grizzlies’ local newspaper, The Daily Memphian, reported on March 23 (KST) that former teammate Tony Allen is likely to receive a prison sentence for fraud.

Allen is a longtime NBA wing who played from 2004 to 2018. He was a fantastic defender who was named to the All-NBA Defensive Team six times. He won a championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008 and was a key part of the Memphis Grizzlies for many years afterward.

Allen hasn’t said much since his retirement. That’s why this news is so shocking. His first public post in a long time was full of negativity.

According to the media, Allen recently committed healthcare fraud and wire fraud and was sentenced to two years in prison. Allen himself pleaded guilty to the fraud charges.먹튀검증

Depending on the outcome of the case, he may be able to avoid jail time, according to the outlet. But for now, two years is the likely sentence. Even if he avoids jail time, the fact remains that he committed fraud. The player himself admitted it.

The man who was known as a defensive god during his playing days has had a disappointing post-retirement career.

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