Man Utd’s ‘large proposal’ that the French press made a fuss about, the 5-year contract period + annual salary of 8.7 billion won + bonus, it is only ⅓ of what I hoped

 The reality of Man Utd’s ‘large proposal’, which the French media made a fuss about, was revealed. It was a disappointment in itself.

According to Nicolo Skira, a famous football journalist in the European football transfer market on the 16th (hereinafter Korean time), Manchester United offered a five-year contract period, 6 million euros (approximately 8.7 billion won, estimated) and a bonus.

French media ‘Foot Mercato’ said on the 13th, “Man Utd wants to give Kim Min-jae a large salary. In a situation where Kim Min-jae is also interested in Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Man Utd is a great offer suitable for ‘star attack supply and demand’. did,” he said.

Specific conditions were also disclosed. According to ‘Foot Mercato’, since Man Utd set Kim Min-jae’s annual salary as ‘star attack supply and demand’, it could be seen as around 10.4 million pounds (approximately 17.3 billion won). Anthony, like Marcus Rashford. When converted into a weekly wage, it is 200,000 pounds (approximately 334 million won). However, it is known that Kim Min-jae’s annual salary is only half of that level.

In particular, compared to Rafael Baran among the same center backs, it is only a third level. Baran’s annual salary is 17.68 million pounds (about 29.5 billion won). It is also less than the basic salary of Lisandro Martinez, who will jump from £120,000 a week to £170,000 in one year. It can only be interpreted as meaning that they will use Kim Mi-jae, who has grown into the best center back in Europe at a low price like Naples.먹튀검증

On the 15th, through the report of ‘Il Martino’, a local newspaper in Naples, Italy, Kim Min-jae’s Manchester fashion is in an atmosphere of being a fait accompli. However, another expert on the European football transfer market, reporter Fabricio Romano, dismissed the atmosphere that was hardening into facts. He said on his SNS that day, “Nothing has been agreed or decided between Manchester United and Kim Min-jae,” and “Napoli is still offering Kim Min-jae a new contract.” However, reporter Nicolo Skira said, “It is true that Man United is currently ahead of the Napoli center back Kim Min-jae.”

In the end, it means that other teams that want Kim Min-jae can still get a chance. A team that can pay more base wages than Manchester United can succeed in ‘hijacking’.

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