Mane-Sane-Munich ‘three-way face-to-face’ completed… Manet ‘recognized’ wrong

A ‘three-way face-to-face’ took place between Sadio Mane, Leroy Sane and Bayern Munich.

Munich lost 0-3 to Manchester City in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Given that Munich has not been able to maintain an overwhelming pace this season and that the match is being played away, an inferiority was expected, but no one expected that they would lose by 3 points.

With this defeat, Munich was put on the verge of ‘elimination’. Although the second leg is still left, considering Man City’s recent momentum, overturning the 3-point score is close to impossible. Munich, which has already been eliminated from the DFB Pokal, is on the verge of being eliminated from the UCL, continuing an unsatisfactory season.먹튀검증

Of course, the team atmosphere cannot be good. An unfortunate incident occurred under these circumstances. It was a situation of ‘violence’ within the team. According to German media ‘Bild’, Mane had an altercation with Leroy Sane during the match, which continued after the final whistle blew. Their feelings escalated and Manet even punched Sane in the face.

This caused a big wave. According to Florian Plettenberg, who is familiar with German news, the incident shocked the Munich players and led some to criticize Mane. He also said: “It is unknown whether Mane will remain at Munich this summer. There are many players who criticize Mane and they think he will not be with the team for long.”

In response, Munich is considering punishment. Fines, business suspensions and even sales could occur, Plettenberg said. The British media ‘Express’ also said, “Munich is considering selling Mane as punishment for hitting his teammate Sane.”

In this situation, a three-way confrontation between Mane, Sane, and Munich took place. According to the German media ‘Bild’, a meeting of club leaders was held in the morning with Sane and Mane attending. The club also spoke with Mane’s management. Decisions will be made after training. Manet admitted his mistake.

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