Men’s volleyball warming up rabbit belt ’99’

 Perhaps because it is the Year of the Rabbit, the ‘Rabbit’ players in the men’s professional volleyball team stand out.

Born in 1999, the so-called ’99s’ and considered the best prospects to lead the V-League men’s division, the four members are competing in good faith with their hot performances this season.

Let’s take a look at the four ’99s’ who will lead Korean men’s volleyball in the future.

Dong-hyeok “Donggae” Lim
★ Born on March 9, 1999

★ 201cm·91kg

★ Joined as a professional: 2017 1st round, 6th place (Korean Air)

★ Team/Position: Korean Air/Aposite Spiker

Lim Dong-hyeok made his professional debut right after graduating from high school it’s yearly Born at Jecheon Industrial High School in Chungcheongbuk-do, he drew attention early on as a next-generation gun, being selected as the youngest national representative at the age of 16 in 2015. Last year, he also went to the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Challenger Cup with the Taegeuk mark.

At the beginning of his debut, Lim Dong-hyeok could not play many games because he was pushed by foreign players who played in the same position. However, from the 2020-2021 season, his skills were in full bloom and he began to earn opportunities to participate in earnest. Last season, he played in 35 games, scored 419 points, and had an attack success rate of 53.72%. contributed greatly to

In the 2022 Suncheon Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament last year, he led the team to the championship with 20 points in the final and won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) for the first time in his career. Fans gave Lim Dong-hyeok the nickname ‘Dong-gae’ (meaning cute like a puppy), noticing his cute appearance in contrast to his huge figure.

This season, Im Dong-hyeok participated in 23 games and scored 192 points, ranking 18th (11th among domestic players). He alternates with Lincoln Williams (30, Australia, registered name Lincoln), a foreign player on the same team, and is doing his part.

Due to the nature of the league, which relies heavily on foreign players and is a long-term race, foreign players are easy to get tired of. Lim Dong-hyuk is showing off the power that can be put in place of Lincoln at any time. Korean Air actually has two foreign players. A Korean Air official said, “Lim Dong-hyuk is a powerful apothecary opponent comparable to a foreign player.”

‘Prince of Suwon’ Lim Seong-jin
★ Born on January 11, 1999

★ Height 195cm · 85kg

★ Joined as a pro: 2nd place in the 1st round of 2020 (KEPCO)

★ Affiliated team/position: KEPCO · Outside hitter

Lim Seong-jin went to elementary, middle and high school with Lim Dong-hyuk. cider. The volleyball team of Jecheon Industrial High School in Chungcheongbuk-do, led by the two players, reigned as the strongest in high school volleyball, winning the 2017 National Sports Festival. Unlike Lim Dong-hyuk, who went straight to the pros after graduating from high school, Lim Seong-jin went on to Sungkyunkwan University, a ‘prestigious volleyball’ university. He later participated in the draft while still in school and wore the Korea Electric Power uniform.

Last season, Lim Seong-jin participated in 31 games and recorded 168 points and an attack success rate of 43.73%. He also stood out in digs per set (1.548), establishing himself as a defensive outside hitter who plays both offense and defense.

This season, Lim Seong-jin scored 145 points (22nd, tied for 15th among domestic players), 0.172 serves per set (16th), quick open success rate of 62.62% (3rd), and receiving efficiency of 34.79% (10th). He is playing the role of a housekeeper for KEPCO on both sides of the air and defense.

Since the beginning of his debut, he has been called the ‘Prince of Suwon’ in Suwon, the home of Korea Electric Power Corporation, for his appearance resembling actor Kim Soo-hyun. Last year, Lim Seong-jin also played an active part in the FIVB Volleyball Challenger Cup with the Taegeuk mark, taking charge of the left side.

‘Dig Squirrel’ Park Kyung-min
★ Born on June 5, 1999

★ 170cm · 64kg

★ Joined as a professional: 2020 1st round 4th place (Hyundai Capital)

★ Affiliated team · Position: Hyundai Capital · Libero

Hyundai Capital Park Kyung-min is called ‘Dig Squirrel’ among fans. This is because his agile play, which he throws without sacrificing his body, quickly runs around the court like a squirrel, drawing cheers from the crowd.

Park Kyung-min was selected as the 4th pick in the 1st round of the 2020-2021 season when he was a student at Inha University, and immediately took over as the team’s main libero. The following year, although the team was in last place, it took the crown in both categories with a 51.82% receiving efficiency and 2.68 digs per set. He had the honor of being selected in the League’s Best 7 (Libero). In particular, it was the first time in three years that the receiving efficiency exceeded 50% in the men’s professional volleyball team. He is expected to surpass Yeo Oh-hyeon (45), who is regarded as one of the best liberos of all time and a senior on the same team. An official from Hyundai Capital said, “Park Kyung-min is already the best libero in the league.” 메이저사이트

Park Kyung-min played 22 games this season, recording 1.524 digs per set (9th place) and 49.23% receiving efficiency, showing a good performance following last season. Due to the nature of his position, he does not receive much attention, but he quietly shows off stable receiving and defense, and acts as a lubricant that can lead to a smooth attack.

‘Idol’ Kim Ji-han
★ Born on September 16, 1999

★ Height 194cm · 80kg

★ Joined as a pro: 2nd place in the 2nd round of 2017 (Hyundai Capital)

★ Affiliated team/position: Woori Card/Outside hitter Kim Ji-

han, like Lim Dong-hyeok, challenged the professional stage right after graduating from high school threw After going through Hyundai Capital and his Korea Electric Power Company, he was put on our card uniform ahead of this season. He chose ’99’ as his jersey number, which was possible because he was born in 1999 and his number restriction was lifted. The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) has expanded the range of uniform numbers from 1 to 20 to 1 to 99 starting this season.

Kim Ji-han had never received much attention until this season. He couldn’t play many games, and in 2020 and 2021, he served in the military early as a member of the Sangmu volleyball team.

However, he began to stretch in earnest at the Suncheon Dodram Cup professional volleyball tournament last summer. Kim Ji-han scored a total of 69 points, including 6 serve points and 8 blocked points in 5 games, averaging 13.8 points per game, leading her team KEPCO to runner-up. For this, he also won the ‘Rising Star Award’.

Kim Ji-han, who transferred to Woori Card ahead of this season, scored a total of 29 points (3 blocking points, 4 serve points, 8 points from the back) in the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance match held on December 17 last year, and scored the first triple crown (blocking, serving, rear guard). They are continuing their terrifying upward trend, such as achieving 3 or more points each).

Kim Ji-han is currently ranked 17th in scoring (193 points, 10th by domestic players) and 1st in time-lag attack (100% success rate, same rate as KB Insurance Villena). Because of his white skin and radiant smile, he is called the ‘idol’ of Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, the home of our cards.

This season’s volleyball all-star game, which will be held on the 29th at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon, will be divided into ‘M Star’ teams for those born in 1996 and ‘Z Star’ teams for those born in 1997. The four members of ’99s’ will unite as Z-stars and show off their spirit.

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