‘Mental breakdown in high school’ left hand surgery → catcher’s frustration → pitcher challenge… 1st round rookie, ‘double hitter’ was destiny

Is this a joke of fate? He didn’t give up on the brink of frustration and found a new path. That path led him from catcher to pitcher and then to ‘both pitching’.

Kim Kun-hee, a rookie of Kiwoom Heroes, joined after being nominated in the first round. He was designated as a catcher, but started as a pitcher in the pros. And he is attracting attention by trying to double as a pitcher along with team senior Jang Jae-young.

Geon-hee Kim, whom I met at Spring Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, was full of freshness and joy. His unrookie composure, mentality was helped by his major setback in his senior year of high school.

The string of two-time batting has been weak since the amateur days. Kim Gun-hee said, “I tried pitching a few times in middle school, so there was a situation where I could pitch in high school. However, he did not recommend a pitcher at Bukil High School, and he told me to only do one position. Even after transferring to Wonju High School, he said that it seemed right to focus more on catcher. He had some heart for the pitcher,” he said.

In his senior year of high school, he injured his left thumb in a home collision with a runner. he was a lightning bolt Kim Kun-hee said, “I got hurt in May. He went to two hospitals in Wonju and Seoul, and they said he had to operate because of a ligament rupture. He said it would take three months to rehabilitate, so I had a mental breakdown.”

The point of being nominated as a pro in high school. It was fatal. Kim Kun-hee said, “I don’t know what to do, and I have to do it, but I didn’t want to do it. I was wandering around, but the manager and coach discussed it and said, ‘Do you have any intention of trying to pitch?’ He said he would. He started pitching in June,” he said.

While rehabilitating the thumb of his left hand that had undergone surgery, other positions were impossible, but only as a pitcher. He prepared to get on the mound while doing pitcher training. Even if the sky collapses, there is a hole that will rise. Kim Kun-hee did not get frustrated and worked hard on his pitcher training.

He said, “I felt like I found my strengths while pitching. Before the injury, I was not good at hitting the bat, but the head coach kept pulling me up, so I was able to hit the bat well.”

An unexpected injury and surgery changed his path from catcher to pitcher. Kim Gun-hee said, “I couldn’t even imagine it.” Injury became the turning point of fate.

He said, “When I was injured, I didn’t cut myself down, and I thought it could be a stepping stone for me to move forward. He became a pitcher just in time, and he came to the idea that he should pass it well because it is a process that must be passed even if there are hard work and trials in the future. Even if you experience failure in baseball or outside of baseball, you have to overcome it well. I realized that I have to be able to endure even though it is difficult, and that mentality is the most important thing.” 카지노

After seeing it, my mind has changed. Kim Gun-hee said, “At that time, I hated the runner who hurt me, but I think that if he returns with a mature mind, it can happen if he plays passionately. I don’t think negatively because it makes me grow more. However, while tagging, his hand was slightly bent, and he pushed in as it was. I was a junior in my second year, but I was a little upset because he didn’t apologize.”

Kim Kun-hee is preparing to work as a pitcher and first baseman. He said, “I didn’t necessarily have to succeed as a pitcher after coming to the pros. At the club, the manager and coaches agreed to the dual job of pitching, so I am very grateful that the club suggested it first. So I will work harder.”

I never played first baseman in high school. still clumsy Kim Gun-hee said, “When I was defending the infield, I couldn’t do what I wanted, and when I asked coach Chae Jong-beom, he said, “Who is good from the start?” They said that if you stick to the basics and learn hard, you can improve your skills. I think I was in a hurry because I was busy with defense, pitcher, and bat. It made me look back. The idea is to slowly pull it up.

Is there any regret as a catcher who has been with the longest? Kim Gun-hee said, “I have regrets. When he was in the 3rd grade of elementary school, he started playing baseball and played catcher from the 4th grade. up to high 3. Right now, when I’m practicing first base, I think, ‘Oh, it’s the most comfortable when I’m in my position’. As a first baseman, you have to learn everything anew, so you fall behind a lot from your seniors, but you should try it once.”

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