Minnesota Interested in Denver’s Bonds Highland Trade

The Minnesota Timberwolves are looking at a prospect guard.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Minnesota is interested in Denver Nuggets’ Bonds Hyland (guard, 188cm, 77kg).

Denver is listening to Highland trade inquiries. Hyland has served as Denver’s backup guard all season. But he also has Bruce Brown, so he’s interested in securing other assets or active power by arranging backcourt traffic.

Minnesota needs a backcourt power supply. At a time when the possibility that D’Angelo Russell will not be traded this season is being discussed, the intention is to strengthen the power by adding another guard. If Hyland joins, it will give Russell room to play as he used to, moving back and forth between point guard and shooting guard. It is possible to reinforce the backcourt rotation as the power is excessively concentrated in the frontcourt. 메이저사이트

If you’re interested in Highland, it’s important what terms Minnesota will offer. Considering that Denver already has the power, a minimum pick or a condition that can be used as a potential trade card in the future should be presented. But Minnesota has already run out of multiple first-round tickets to bring in Rudy Gobert. Even if you keep an eye on it, it will not be easy to actually trade.

He has appeared in 41 games so far this season. He is averaging 12.3 points (.400 .379 .863), 2.1 rebounds and 3 assists in 19.9 minutes per game. Now in his second year, he showed a little better than last season. Although he plays a significant role as a point guard this season, he is doing well in his role. Minnesota is looking at him because he’s well established as a prospect.

In particular, from the end of last year to mid-January, he showed outstanding performance. During this span, he averaged 22.2 minutes in 8 games, averaging 16.6 points (.522 .519 .857), 2.8 rebounds and 3.6 assists. In that section, he made 3.4 three-pointers per game with a success rate of over 50%, boasting a field goal success rate of over 50% despite being a guard, which was a great boost to Denver’s upward trend.

Highland, who entered the NBA through the last 2021 draft, was called by Denver with the 26th pick in the first round. Last season, when Denver’s flagship guard Jemal Murray missed many games due to injury, he performed more than expected. From his first season, he showed potential by raising an average of more than 10 points, and this season he is showing more improved performance than last season.

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