Neymar’s injury jinx occurred during his sister’s birthday during season 7

Reporter Han Jae-hyun = Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain, hereinafter PSG) is often knocked down. The timing of his injuries has also been jinxed to the extent that he is now consistent.

Neymar suffered a broken ankle injury during the 24th round home match against Lille on the 19th (local time) in the 2022/2023 French Ligue 1. He suffered a ligament injury, although tests showed he avoided a fracture. The time to return is expected to be determined based on the results of additional tests early next week.

British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 22nd that Neymar’s injury jinx was highlighted. It’s his sister Hafaela’s birthday. 메이저놀이터

Rafaela’s birthday is March 11th. ‘The Sun’ said, “Neymar suffered a lot of injuries around Rafaela’s birthday. In seven of the nine seasons, I was hit during Rafaela’s birthday.”

Despite the huge transfer fee of 222 million euros (approximately 306 billion won), Neymar’s injuries are too frequent. His performance is still good, but his inconsistency is a decisive blow.

PSG, which is aiming to win the league and UEFA Champions League, has been under pressure for the time being without Neymar. Neymar always needs to take care of himself before and after Rafaela’s birthday.

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