‘No. 1 in 7 consecutive losses’… Pittsburgh, Toronto ‘sweeping defeat’, 2 consecutive ‘sweeping defeats’

Pittsburgh is getting back to normal.

Pittsburgh lost 1-10 in Game 3 of the series against the Toronto Blue Jays held at home on the 8th (Korean time). Lost all 3 matches. Pittsburgh, who was ‘sweeped’ by the Tampa Bay Rays in the previous series, lost seven in a row by ‘sweeping’ in two consecutive series. The카지노사이트 season record was 20 wins and 15 losses. However, it is still running 1st in the National League Central Division.

During their seven-game losing streak, Pittsburgh scored just nine points. 1.3 points per game.

However, the other line, which had been silent so far, showed the possibility of survival in the future in that it scored 8 hits, although it only scored 1 run on this day.

Bae Ji-hwan, who missed the game the day before, stepped in as a pinch hitter, but withdrew with no hits in two at-bats. The season’s batting average fell to 0.239.

Meanwhile, from the 9th, Pittsburgh will call the Colorado Rockies, the bottom of the National League West division, home to try to escape their losing streak.

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