‘No goal in 4 games’ Gimcheon, there was Won Doo-jae at the center… “I will do my best wherever I am”

Won Doo-jae, who played as a central defender, led the team’s scoreless goal. He said that he tries to show good form regardless of midfielder or defender position.

Gimcheon drew 0-0 in the 13th round home game of Hana One Q K League 2 2023 with FC Anyang held at Gimcheon Sports Complex at 4:00 pm on the 13th. It was a game that left a lot of regrets offensively, but played a game that deserved a passing score defensively. At the center was Won Doo-jae.

Prior to playing against Anyang, Kim Cheon lost central defender Lee Sang-min to a hamstring injury. Coach Seong Han-soo, who had to find a countermeasure ahead of an important game, appointed Won Doo-jae as Kim Jae-woo’s partner. Director Sung’s choice was a godsend. Won Doo-jae showed a strong appearance as a central defender and led the team to no goals.

After the game, Doo-jae Won, who interviewed the best player, said, “I tried to win, but the results didn’t follow. It is positive that it ended with a scoreless goal,” he said. “It is a positive part because there were not many scoreless games before. It’s a pity that the opponent came out defensively and couldn’t score a goal,” he looked back on the game.

After enlisting in Gimcheon, many circumstances have changed. Doo-jae Won said, “At first, when I opened my eyes, Hyun-ta came. He thought he was good at adapting, so he got used to it right away. He’s on the positive side. He pays attention to body care such as weights. It is a good environment for football,” he said of his life in Gimcheon.

Won Doo-jae is currently serving in the military with Kim Ji-hyun, who is in the same elemental team. However, rank is the difference between heaven and earth. Kim Ji-hyeon is a late-aged sergeant about to be discharged, but Won Doo-jae is a private, the flower of military life. In response, Doo-jae Won said, “Sergeant Kim Ji-hyun is about to play the last game. He said he would do it for another six months because it was cold outside,” he laughed.먹튀검증

Then, when asked if he was in contact with Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo, the original team, he said, “I asked coach Hong Myung-bo for vitamins that the players eat, and he gave me a lot. he feels grateful He told the director that he was rooting for him.” At the same time, he said, “(Vitamins) didn’t buy them at their own expense. He sent me as a club sponsor. That’s why he didn’t post it on Instagram and only received a grateful heart,” he explained.

Won Doo-jae alternates between central defender and central midfielder positions in Gimcheon. Doo-jae Won said, “The midfielder position is comfortable. He can show his strengths as a midfielder, and he is a position where players are evaluated when he enters the game. He tries to look good in any position without excuses. He doesn’t really care,” he finished.

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