“Ohtani $1 billion? Realistically…” Angels trying to re-sign free agents? It’s not about the money

“Realistically, executives think he’ll get $500 million to $550 million.”

With the trade deadline just 20 days away, interest in Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is growing. Otani once again expressed his frustration with the Angels’ inability to win before the All-Star break on Nov. 11 (ET).

The Angels have been on a downward spiral since Mike Trout’s wrist injury and surgery at the end of the first half. The general consensus in the American media is that the Angels will still not trade Ohtani. Beyond the prospect package, there is also a view that it would be difficult to give up the marketing, sponsorship, and ticketing power of Ohtani. Ohtani is a business, after all. Ultimately, the consensus is that Ohtani will leave for the Los Angeles Dodgers in free agency in 2023-2024.

Separately, there’s been a lot of talk about Ohtani’s future price tag. First it was $500 million, then $600-700 million, and then, as USA Today’s Bob Nightingale reported on Nov. 11, “New York Mets manager Buck Showalter said, ‘Someone brought up the B word.

Billion. That’s a billion dollars. But “realistically, executives believe Ohtani will get $500 million to $550 million,” according to Nightingale. In the end, only the team that wins the bidding war for Ohtani this winter will really know the answer.

Meanwhile, Nightingale also brought up another interesting point. The Angels are willing to keep Ohtani. But it’s an attempt to sign him to a long-term, non-tenderized contract in free agency. The idea is to keep Ohtani through this season, maximize the return, and then try to re-sign him in free agency.카지노사이트

The Nightingale reports, “I’m told owner Arte Moreno wants to re-sign him as a free agent and intends to keep him for the remainder of the season. All teams are hoping Moreno will change his mind after the player suffered a fracture.”

Realistically, it’s a pipe dream. But as Bleacher Report notes, “I don’t think money will be an issue. The main reason he wants out is simply because the Angels aren’t winning. That’s the only thing that could make him leave. The Angels hope to re-sign Ohtani this winter. If it backfires, it will be one of the biggest mistakes in professional sports history.”

In other words, if the Angels make the postseason this year, it’s not impossible for the Angels to keep Ohtani. This is in line with Ohtani saying again that he doesn’t want to lose a day before the All-Star Game. Regardless, the Angels should definitely make the postseason this year. At 45-46, they’re seventh in the American League wild-card race. They’re five games behind the third-place Toronto Blue Jays. It’s not an easy challenge.

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