One Championship Ham Seo-hee “Japan’s Hirata forgot the basics… ”

Legendary fighter Ham Seo-hee (36) revealed why she accepted the renegotiation of the match even though her negative thoughts about the Japanese broadcasting star have not changed.

Asia’s largest martial arts organization ‘ONE Championship’ will hold ‘ONE Fight Night 8’ at Singapore Indoor Stadium (capacity 12,000) on the 25th.

Ham Seo-hee will face Itsuki Hirata (24, Japan), the winner of season 3 of the reality program ‘Fight Proxy War’, in ‘ONE Fight Night 8’ at the MMA atom level.

The two were scheduled to face off at ‘One Championship 163’ in November 2022. However, the match with Ham Seo-hee was canceled as Hirata failed to pass the weigh-in.

Ham Seo-hee said in an interview with the official One Championship website, “Control of moisture (within the body) to keep the weight (agreed for the match with the opponent) is basic. I think Hirata is not a professional fighter,” she said coldly.

It was the third time that Hirata showed problems in preparing for the One Championship match last year when he lost against Ham Seo-hee. Overweight 2 times, health care failure 1 time. The focus on the short term after October 2021 is also worthy of criticism.

In August 2022, Hirata won 5 career One Championships thanks to his opponent accepting contract weight fights despite being 3.45% over his Atom weight.

For Ham Seo-hee, repeating her mistake three months ago couldn’t have looked good. She reflected on that time, saying, “There were martial arts fans who disagreed with my judgment, who refused to face Hirata, who broke the weight he promised.”

Ham Seo-hee is a world class ranked No. 1 in the world by the third quarter of 2021. In the One Championship, he won two consecutive victories over third-place Dennis Samboanga (26, Philippines) and is now ranked second in the official rankings.

Hirata defeated 2018 ▲Double G Atomweight Champion Park Bo-hyun (Korea) ▲K-1 -45kg title challenger Mio Tsumura (Japan) ▲DEEP -44kg title challenger Mizuki Furuze (Japan) to qualify for the One Championship. Reached the top of Fighting Proxy War season 3. 메이저사이트

Regardless of the process, it is possible that there are fans who regret that the two did not fight. Ham Seo-hee said, “I want to finish what I couldn’t do (last fall),” and revealed why he agreed to a confrontation with Hirata again.

In Ham Seo-hee’s words, “I want to finish the match well this time,” I can feel the desire and request for Hirata to lose weight and control water well so that she can properly match her one-championship atom weight.

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