‘Philippine Dream’ blooms in Ulsan… Following the Rookie of the Year, the PO of the quarterfinals?

It is just before the birth of KBL’s first foreign rookie king.

This is the story of Ronjay Avarientos (24), who leads the rise of professional basketball Hyundai Mobis. Ahead of this season, he entered the Korean stage as the Asian quota system was expanded to include Filipino players.

He is a big prospect selected for the Philippine national team. However, he has the right to become the rookie of the year because he jumped right into the KBL stage after graduating from college without ever playing a professional career. And with the performance worthy of his reputation, he is demonstrating with force against the Rookie of the Year.

As of the 25th, he has played in 49 games, averaging 29 minutes and 7 seconds, while posting 13.4 points, 4.8 assists and 1.4 steals. The number of successful 3-pointers per game is also 2.7. Among the rookie of the year qualification players, they are all 1st in that category. Even if his name is already engraved on the Rookie of the Year trophy, there is no disagreement about his performance.

Avarientos is not tall at 181 cm, but he is a point guard with splendid dribbling skills and accurate outside shooting skills. In particular, he possesses a wide field of view and passing sense even in the unique personal skills of a Filipino player. This is why the young foreign player has become a field commander and is leading his comrades.

The candidates competing for the rookie of the year include Lens Abando (KGC) from the Philippines and Shin Dong-hyuk (Seoul Samsung) who show pride in their native country. But in fact, the prevailing opinion is that Avarientos is several steps ahead of the competition.토토사이트

If this continues, he will have the honor of becoming the first foreign rookie of the year in KBL history. The club also has a double celebration of producing the rookie of the year for the third time in KBL history for two consecutive years. Last season, Lee Woo-seok, a friend of the same age as Avarientos, won the first ‘Used Rookie of the Year’ due to a change in rookie rules.

The team’s direct trip to the semifinal playoffs could still be a reality. Hyundai Mobis, who won 5 consecutive victories by winning the 6th round against KGC Ginseng Corporation held at home on the 24th, is 1.5 games away from 2nd place LG and 1 game away from 3rd place SK before the game on the 25th. Depending on the results of future matches, there is still a possibility of a second place finish. Even the final match of the season against LG is scheduled, so no one can hastily conclude the result.

Avarientos wants to be at the center of it. It is hot with double-digit scores in the last 10 games in a row. In particular, despite suffering a fracture of the nose bone in the game against Samsung on the 21st, he scored 18 points against KGC while wearing a protective mask, becoming the number one contributor to the winning streak. It is his performance that makes you feel the spleen will.

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