Phoenix ‘dreaming of a Beal-Durant-Booker big three’ as Dare enters the mix… CP3 운명은?

Could Beal be headed to Phoenix?

The Athletic reported on Nov. 18 (KST) that the Washington Wizards are considering trading Bradley Beal.

Beal, the third overall pick in the 2012 draft, is a franchise star who played 11 seasons in Washington. He has been named to both the All-Star and All-NBA teams and has averaged over 30 points per game for two straight seasons. Last summer, after becoming a free agent, he signed a massive extension with the Wizards, promising to be around for the long haul.

But what seemed like a one-and-done career for Beal has taken a dramatic turn in recent years. A Beal-centric Washington has stagnated, failing to make the playoffs in back-to-back seasons, and under new president Michael Winger, the team is expected to hit the rebuild button.

“If Bradley Beal, Kyle Kuzma, and Kristaps Porzingis want to win right now, they should probably pursue it elsewhere,” Winger said, hinting at a parting of the ways. In response, the Nats have been in close talks with Beal’s camp and are believed to be continuing to explore a trade for him.

Beal’s massive salary, which averages over $50 million per year, has narrowed the list of possible destinations to just two teams, as his value on the trade market is not as high as one might think. Miami, who have previously expressed the most interest in Beal, and Phoenix.

When The Athletic reported that Phoenix had emerged as a potential destination for Beal, many were surprised. The Suns were the last team to be linked to Beal in the first place.먹튀검증

The Suns are expected to put together a package centered around either Chris Paul or DeAndre Ayton to acquire Beal. However, according to Bleacher Report, Beal, who has a no-trade clause, would prefer that Phoenix keep center Aiken and acquire him in a Paul-centric package.

Also reportedly in the cards for Miami, which is competing with Phoenix, is second-option Tyler Hiro, who was initially expected to be utilized in a big-name deal. Miami would like to keep Hiro in a deal with the Bills, while building a counteroffer of Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson and a first-round pick.

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