Pick up wood to make a bat, slide in the mud… An 18-year-old boy from Uganda takes his first step into ML

The poor environment is just an excuse for this boy. Kasumba Dennis (18) from Uganda, Africa, has taken the first step into the major leagues he has dreamed of.

On the 2nd (Korean time), Major League representative source Ben Verlander reported on Dennis on his personal SNS. According to Verlander, Dennis has decided to participate in the ‘Major League Draft League’ in June.

Dennis is an 18-year-old boy living in Uganda. His dream is to become a major leaguer. He lives in Uganda, where he lives far from baseball, but he is sweating with the aspiration of playing in the major leagues someday.

Because the baseball environment in Uganda is poor, Dennis cuts a tree to make a bat, and practices base running by sliding in mud. He is devoted to training, sometimes hitting bottle caps with a slingshot instead of a pitching machine.

And in the video of Dennis training diligently without blaming the environment, many baseball workers promised generous support.

Verlander, one of Dennis’ strong supporters, said, “Dennis is a friend I really like. This is a story I want you to know.” Dennis is an 18-year-old boy living in Uganda. I saw it. I was practicing really diligently, such as catching catchers on a muddy floor on a rainy day,” recalling their first meeting.

Later, Verlander took on the role of a bridge so that Dennis could go to an American university. He garnered a lot of attention by posting directly on social media so that college baseball teams and coaches could scout Dennis. In fact, many inquiries came to Verlander, and after a while, Dennis told Verlander the happy news of participating in the ‘Major League Draft League’.

The ‘Major League Draft League’ started in 2021 and is a baseball league in which six teams composed of amateur players participate. It consists of the first half and the second half. In the first half, high school students who are about to graduate and amateur players playing in college leagues can participate, and each team plays 30 games. In the second half, players who have lost their amateur qualifications, such as college graduates, play 50 games per team.

Players participating in this league showcase their skills to scouts ahead of the major league rookie draft that will be held that year. Also, if you produce meaningful results, you can stand out and wear a professional uniform. Since the league was created in 2021, 86 players have been selected in the Major League Baseball Draft. Dennis is expected to compete in earnest by participating in this league.먹튀검증

According to Verlander, Dennis’ pop time (the time it takes for a catcher to catch a ball with his mitt, retrieve it, and throw it to second base) is 1.89 seconds, much faster than the major league average of 2.00 seconds. Although he has not been systematically trained, he shows his rich potential and is attracting a lot of attention.

Verlander said, “I hope that Dennis will be noticed by college and professional scouts by participating in the draft league and experience the baseball training and coaching staff he has been dreaming of. I also hope that his dream of playing baseball in the United States will come true.”

Dennis is going to head to America with his big dreams. Many baseball fans are applauding his challenge, which took the first step in earnest for his dream.

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