Playing the game of your life on your birthday, batting 104…what a memory!

It was the best performance on his birthday.

Kyungpook National High School Baseball Team won the 78th Cheongnyonggi National High School Baseball Championship and Weekend League Wangjoongwangjeon against Mulmungo 4-1 on Sunday at Mokdong Baseball Stadium. Gyeongbuk State went through twists and turns on the way to the top of the tournament, but a surprise performance by Lee Seung-heon quelled Mulmungo’s “surge”.

Lee threw 104 pitches over seven innings, allowing seven hits, three walks, five strikeouts, and no runs. Lee was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Pitcher. It was a surprise performance that surprised even his head coach. Coach Lee Jun-ho said, “Lee hasn’t had much stamina lately, but when I saw him practice yesterday, the ball felt good. I was going to give him three or four innings, but he did so well,” he said, giving him a thumbs-up.

Speaking to the media after the game, Lee said, “I never thought I would be able to do this. However, I was able to do well because the manager and coaches believed in me. I was worried because I didn’t feel strong in practice. I just threw the ball with the idea of getting good contact on my pitches, and I’m glad it worked out.”

Despite his poker face on the mound, Lee was under tremendous pressure. With ace Jeon Mir unavailable due to a pitch count restriction, there was a lot of pressure on his shoulders, but he managed to pitch better than he was capable of.안전놀이터

“I look calm, but I was very nervous. But it was good because I managed the game well. I kept saying ‘I can do it’ before I took the mound. I think it’s just one of those days where it works out,” he smiled.

It was Lee’s birthday. He gave himself the best birthday present ever. Gyeongbuk High School won the Cheongryonggi title for the first time since 1993. “Today is my birthday, and I will never forget it,” Lee said.

Lee has a sturdy build, standing at 6-foot-2 and weighing 190 pounds. His pitches include a fastball, slider, and curve. His fastball has been clocked at 146 kilometers per hour. Lee said, “My strength is my ability to drive the ball down from my height. My endurance is my weakness, which I’m trying to improve. I want to work hard and improve my fastball,” he said, vowing to become a better player.

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