Pro baseball rookie pitchers are making a big success ahead of the opening… Knife ball vs fast ball

Watching the WBC, which ended with Japan’s victory, I learned anew about the current state of our professional baseball.

Strengthening pitching power also emerged as a challenge.

It is fortunate that the performances of super rookies on the pitcher side stand out in the demonstration game ahead of the season opening.

This is reporter Hong Seok-jun.메이저사이트


KIA Yoon Young-cheol stabs the opponent right into the corner and freezes the opponent.

Yoon Young-cheol, the left-hander ranked second overall in the draft, is not fast, but he is showing pitching worthy of a top-notch rookie with sharp pitches.

He pitched 4 scoreless innings in his first exhibition game appearance on the 16th, followed by 4⅔ scoreless innings on the 21st.

He is raising the possibility of joining the starting lineup of the left-handed kingdom KIA, where Yang Hyeon-jong and Lee Eui-ri are lined up for his performance in demonstration games.

<Replay Comment> “If (the number of pitches) increases through games, coach Kim Jong-guk says he is competing for the 5th starting pitcher. I look forward to it in the future.”

If Yun Young-cheol boasts control, Hanwha’s draft duo Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun are making batters cower with powerful balls in the mid-to-late 150km/h.

Moon Dong-joo, who made his debut last year but did not pitch 30 innings and is still a candidate for the Rookie of the Year, gave up only one home run to Lee Jung-hoo and gave up 1 run in 3 innings.

<Kim Seo-hyun / Hanwha> “I think it’s fortunate that I threw in my two-heartedness and the record came out well.”

Since 2019, all KBO League rookie awards have been for pitchers.

This is why fans are paying attention to these ‘super rookie’ pitchers ahead of the opening of the professional baseball season on April 1st.

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