Ram, who collapsed on the final day and failed to regain world number 1, “That’s golf”

 Correspondent Hoon Kwon = Jon Ram (Spain), who collapsed in the final round of the Farmers Insurance Open of the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour and failed to win three consecutive victories and regain world No. 1, said, “That is golf.”

Ram started the final round of the tournament, which ended on the 29th (Korean time), in second place by two strokes, but was sluggish with a 2-over-par 74 strokes, and suffered a come-from-behind defeat to Max Homa (USA), who reduced 6 strokes.

Ram, who finished the tournament in a tie for 7th place, lost all hopes of winning the three tournaments in a row and recapturing the top spot in the world rankings.

If he had won this time, he would have been able to rise to No. 1 in the world rankings unconditionally. 먹튀검증

Ram, who had the potential to become world number 1 even if she took 3rd place, had to pass it on to the next opportunity as she was pushed all the way to 7th place.

Ram, who had higher expectations than ever after hitting 63 and 66 in the final round of the previous two tournaments, cited the fact that he failed to put the putt he should have put in the beginning as the cause of the collapse that day.

“My swing on the final day was fine. I had a good swing, but a good swing didn’t lead to the desired result,” he said overall. Couldn’t do that,” he said.

Even if he missed the championship, it was not because of lack of effort.

Ram ended the interview by saying, “I did my best. But that’s golf.” No matter how hard you try, when it doesn’t work, it’s golf.

Prior to the final round, Ram said, “I don’t care whether or not I become world No. 1,” and “Winning is more important than world No. 1.”

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