‘rape allegation’ Manchester United’s big prospect, undecided to return…”Investigation will continue until this season”

Mason Greenwood is unlikely to return to the ground this season.

The British ‘Mirror’ reported on the 14th (Korean time), “Greenwood will not play for Manchester United this season. The club’s investigation into Greenwood is expected to take some time to come to a conclusion.”

In early February, the British Attorney’s Office announced that all charges against Greenwood would be dropped. Greenwood was due to go to trial in November on charges of raping and assaulting his girlfriend, but prosecutors decided to drop the case after key witnesses refused to testify. He was charged, but not convicted.

United immediately issued a statement saying, “We take note of the Prosecutor’s Office’s decision that all charges against Greenwood have been dropped. The club will now proceed with its own process before determining next steps and will not be able to comment further.”

Even within Manchester United, it is known that conflict exists over the return of Greenwood. Britain’s ‘Guardian’ said, “Man Utd officials are divided over whether Greenwood is allowed to play again at the club. We will consider whether it will have an impact and how global partners who are watching the situation perceive it.”

Manchester United also has a women’s team, and there were reports that some female players were uncomfortable when they heard the news of Greenwood’s return.

For now, Manchester United plans to focus on its own process. ‘The Mirror’ explained, “Man United will conduct an interview to ascertain the situation of Greenwood and will hire an expert to evaluate his mental and physical condition.” 카지노

Greenwood has been regarded as a key player for Manchester United’s future since his youth. He grew up steadily through the Manchester United youth academy, and was recognized as a big prospect with his free-footed ability, neat positioning, and goal-making ability that did not match his age, but he could not play the game due to criminal charges.

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