‘Rashford Celebration’ is in vogue in the EPL → ‘In the head of the index finger’ → spreading to other events

Local time, January 28th. Manchester United v Reading FA Cup fourth round. In this match at Old DeFafford, United striker Marcus Rashford celebrated with a unique after scoring.

Rashford had only his index finger extended and brought it to his head. It seems as if he is pointing something to his head. He even appears to be in bad shape with a gun.

It is said that this ceremony is now in vogue among players in the English Premier League. It is said that it became a ceremony that players of other sports also followed.

Britain’s The Sun reported on the 4th that Manchester United star Rashford’s goal ceremony is spreading throughout the sports world.

However, it seems that the sun has not yet confirmed what exactly Rashford’s ceremony means. “I wonder what that means,” he says.

Rashford is pictured running into the stands and putting his index finger to his head after scoring against Reading.

It’s just the game today. In the first leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest, Rashford struck the same pose.

What does it really mean? The Sun’s conclusion was that ‘nobody knows for sure’. But guesses are possible. Fans believe that too.

What Rashford wants to emphasize is mental health. In an interview after scoring a goal against West Ham in October last year, he said, “The reason I’m doing well this season is not really my performance, but other things off the pitch. That’s the biggest difference from last season.”

The goal against West Ham was his 100th goal for Manchester United. It is said that the reason he brought up ‘work off the pitch’ in this game was a device to explain that he had overcome mental pain.

Another theory analyzed that Rashford was suffering from the tremendous noise and pressure of the Old Trafford home fans.

So Rashford’s ceremony of closing his eyes while pointing at his head with his index finger may be blocking outside distractions and unwanted criticism.

This Rashford ceremony was also contagious to other players. Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka has also started to follow suit. Festerfield’s Armando Dobra also performed this ceremony during the FA Cup. 메이저사이트

Beyond England, Germany’s Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich followed suit after scoring a goal against Cologne.

Beyond soccer, it spread to players in other sports as well. Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, who recently won his 10th Australian Open singles title, struck the same pose. As soon as the championship was confirmed, he pointed his finger at his head. Joffra Archer, an English cricketer known as a fan of Manchester United, performed the same ceremony.

As Rashford’s ceremony became popular, fans wondered if it was Rashford’s creation.

However, it turns out that this pose already existed 10 years ago. Arsenal’s Niklas Bendtner performed a similar celebration in 2011. Wolver’s Ruben Nubes also performed this ceremony in 2018.

The Sun said they hoped that this Rashford ceremony would spread more. Perhaps this ceremony is meant to stop criticizing players who are under stress due to excessive fan loyalty.

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