‘Re-challenge for promotion’ Anyang coach Lee Woo-hyung “Gimcheon 2nd round system, not 1st round”

 Reporter Jang Bo-in = Professional football K-League 2 FC Anyang, who missed promotion last season, is challenging the first division again.

Coach Lee Woo-hyung, who leads Anyang, said at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Namhae General Social Welfare Center in Gyeongnam on the 17th, “There will be many difficult parts this year, but personally, I think it will be the last year to be promoted. Even if there is a loss, I hope Anyang will be promoted and this will be a season to heal the pain of the past.”

Anyang, who finished 3rd in the K League 2 regular round last season, lost 1-2 on aggregate in the K League 1 Suwon Samsung in the promotion playoff (PO).

Anyang, who swallowed Bunru, is preparing for the 2023 season with a burning will to promote without fail this year.

Head coach Lee Woo-hyeong said, “We were unfortunately unable to advance from the promotion PO last season, but that pain seems to further develop the mindset and attitude of our Anyang players towards the season. With the bitter experience of last year, the players this season are eager to get promoted anyway. “I think it will be an opportunity for Anyang to develop one step further,” he said.

The K-League 2, in which 13 teams participate this year, is difficult to distinguish, and the prevailing prospect is that it will become a ‘1st round 12th’ game.

It is predicted that managing director Kim Cheon, who has a national team-level squad, will make the first round, and the remaining 12 teams will compete fiercely for rankings.

However, coach Lee Woo-hyung, who is aiming for the 1st division, said Anyang is ’12 out of 12′.

He said, “I think that about 7 teams will fight, whether it is promotion PO or semi-PO. I want to,” he said forcefully.

From the outside, there are also concerns that Anyang’s squad is weak compared to last season.

Kim Kyung-joong and Akosti, who played an active part in the attacking line, left for Suwon, and Baek Seong-dong left for Pohang. Goalkeeper Jeong Min-ki headed to Jeonbuk. 메이저놀이터

Anyang recruited Ahn Yong-woo and Cho Seong-jun, and are also looking for new foreign players to fill the void. However, it is true that investment is not as active compared to last season.

Regarding this, coach Lee said, “As a manager, I have regrets about recruiting players, but I don’t think there are any problems.”

He said, “It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t worried because offensive resources and wing forwards transfer a lot. However, there is a new type of offensive resource, so expectations are high. There is no problem,” he explained.

He continued, “Once the season opens, new players will appear who will forget the ‘nostalgia’ for the departed players.”

Coach Lee confidently said, “If only foreign players who will recklessly push forward are reinforced, it will be a battle between Gimcheon and Anyang. If we have more destructive offensive wing forward resources, we will achieve promotion as we aimed for this year.”

Anyang will play the season opener against Jeonnam Dragons on the 1st of next month.

Previously, Jeonnam Minister Lee promised to win, saying, “90% of the opening match is ready.”

Hearing this, coach Lee responded, “I will win by targeting the 10% that I have not filled yet. I don’t think we are a team that can lose so easily.”

Coach Lee, who is waiting for the opening with excitement, said, “Our players’ passion is so overflowing that sometimes I have to stop it. The coach can’t keep up with it. I want to see that passion quickly appear on the field.”

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