Ronaldo 40 years old European stage return? Newcastle – Chelsea – Dortmund Where?

Reporter Jinhyeok Ban = Will Cristiano Ronaldo return to the European stage?

Ronaldo knocked on the European stage after having his contract with Manchester United terminated. He was to retain the title of top scorer in the Champions League.

However, not many teams showed interest in Ronaldo because of the burden of influence and high salary.

Eventually, Ronaldo turned his attention to Asia and took on a new challenge when he signed a contract with Al Nasr. 메이저놀이터

Ronaldo signed a two-year contract with Al Nasr, and will continue to accompany him until the age of 40. Since then, there is an atmosphere of greed to return to the European stage.

Al Nars manager Louis García even commented that “Ronaldo will return to Europe to play when his contract ends.”

In this situation, ‘foot.var’, which delivers football news, said, “Where do you want to see Europe after Al-Nasr?”

Bayern Munich, Barcelona, ​​Napoli and Dortmund were mentioned as Ronaldo’s destinations.

Along with this, Chelsea, which owner Todd Boel Lee was actively interested in, and Newcastle United, which were mentioned as new destinations with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund on their backs, were also mentioned.

However, the reaction of the fans was not good. Through the comments, ‘I will get big money from Al Nasr and enjoy the end of my retirement’, ‘No one wants it’, ‘It’s such a big delusion. Opinions such as “I can’t go back to Europe” and “I will retire” were expressed.

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