Samsung OB ‘Samnonghoe’ prepares a meat dinner to encourage the athletes… A voice saying “Cheer up”

The ‘Samnonghoe’, an OB meeting for the Samsung Basketball Team, prepared a meaningful event for juniors.

Last weekend, Samnonghoe had a time to cheer and encourage juniors of the Samsung basketball team in Jukjeon, Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.

Founded in 1978, Samsung is the only club that has continued its legacy in professional basketball since its days as an amateur unemployment team. As much as the long history, the loyalty between Samsung graduates is strong. The Samnonghoe, a former Samsung basketball team member, holds regular meetings every year to share memories and spare no effort to encourage and support juniors.

However, unfortunately, the spread of Corona 19 after 2020 forced exchanges between them to be cut off for a while. This year, when the spread of Corona 19 has subsided, the Samnonghoe decided to revive exchanges that had been cut off for a while to continue the meeting. Moreover, this year is also a meaningful year as it marks the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Samsung Basketball Team.

On the 18th, Samnonghoe visited the Jamsil Gymnasium where the Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Exhibition was held and cheered on the juniors. The current team performance is not good, but with the intention of doing their best without injury until the end, they collected the 10 o’clock general membership fee and gave strength to their juniors. Furthermore, the development of Samsung basketball and the increase of exchanges between OB and YB were also included.

The meeting was attended by Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok, coaching staff, and former players such as captain Lee Jung-hyun, Kim Si-rae, Jang Min-guk, Lee Ho-hyun, and Lee Dong-yeop as player representatives. At the Samnonghoe, Chairman Lee Gyu-sik, Vice Chairman Kang Eul-jun, Secretary General Park Sang-gwan, Treasurer Kwon-sik Kwon, and General Secretary Noh Ki-seok were seated to encourage their juniors. 메이저놀이터

One or two of the OB seniors found the YB players’ tables, lightly joked with them, and asked them to work hard on basketball. 

Samnonghoe Chairman Gyu-sik Lee said, “I am very grateful to the Samsung Basketball Team and the players who have given me time, even though I am busy during the season. Whenever I have time like this, I try to spend time with my juniors. As the president of Samnonghoe, I will try to set a better example for my juniors.”

Former coach Kang Eul-joon, who serves as vice chairman of the Samnonghoe, said, “Samsung’s OB/YB culture has been able to stick together for such a long time because it has Samsung’s own team color and tradition. I am grateful for the part,” he said. “My grades are a little behind, but I think there will be good results someday if I work hard without losing my professionalism. I hope that you will do your best without injury in the upcoming game. I will support and cheer for my juniors,” he said with a smile.

Captain Lee Jeong-hyun, representing the player, said, “First of all, I would like to thank the Samsung OB seniors who arranged this event. It was a short time, but it was a new feeling to be able to sit with seniors like Giraseong. I feel that our players have to come together and do better. I will show you how to work harder than I am now, and I will reward you with better results in the remaining games of this season and the upcoming season.”

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