Season out due to bicycle accident, sold out sales “I owe it to everyone”

 ‘Left-handed Fireballer’ Chris Sale (34. Boston Red Sox), who has been slowed down by a series of injuries and accidents, has revealed his will to revive. 

In an interview with local media such as ‘’ on the 22nd (Korean time), Sale said, “I have more motivation for my teammates, coaching staff, club and fans. You know I owe everyone something. As a starting pitcher, I was indebted to my teammates, club and fans.” 

Sale, who was the ace who led Boston to win the World Series in 2018, signed a five-year, $145 million extension with Boston in March 2019. There was also an opt-out clause that allowed him to become a free agent after the 2022 season with a contract that began in 2020, but Sale did not implement it. 

This is because he could not show his skills due to injury during the extension of his contract. Sale, who suffered an elbow injury in August 2019, underwent Tommy John surgery in March 2020 and was out for the season from the first year of his extended contract. He returned in the second half of 2021 and threw 9 games, but last year also ended with just 2 appearances.  메이저사이트

After coming off with a rib stress fracture before the season, he returned in July, but had the misfortune of fracturing his left little finger hit by Aaron Hicks’ offensive batted ball against the New York Yankees on July 28, his second appearance. Then, on August 7, during his rehabilitation, he broke his right wrist in a bicycle accident. In the end, he ended the season with surgery while not being able to return within the season. 

For three years after the extension, Sale only pitched a total of 48⅓ innings in 11 games. Sale, who did not opt ​​out, seeks a comeback in Boston with an annual salary of $ 27.5 million in 2023-2024. 

Sayle said of the bike accident, “I remember that day vividly. He had a really good day and played catch for the first time since his finger surgery. The exercise went well, and I felt good,” he said. I know the steering wheel bent hard to the left, but I was thrown to the ground as if I was going in the other direction.” 

“I need to stay away from the bike and bad luck,” said Sale. “After the season, I rested at home and started playing catch earlier than usual. This year, my goal is to go to the game every five days and throw the ball. It was hard because I couldn’t do that for a long time, but this year the opportunity came. I am in good shape right now, and I look forward to spring training after a long time,” he said, confident of his comeback with a healthy body.

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