Sejingya, who was injured again after returning ‘only 3G’, Daegu’s worries deepen

 The injury flared up again. ‘King of Daegu’ Sejingya can’t stand on the ground for a while.

Sejingya started on the 26th in the away game against Suwon FC in the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon Sports Complex, but collapsed before the end of the first half. He complained of pain in his right thigh in the 43rd minute and was carried off on a stretcher.

It is a departure after 3 games after returning from injury. Sejingya was away after the Jeonbuk Hyundai War on the 19th of last month. During training, he suffered a thigh injury and devoted himself to rehabilitation. After that, on the 16th, in the 7th round match against Gwangju FC, he was named on the list after a month, and was replaced and played a comeback.

Since then, he has consistently stepped on the ground. In the last match against Daejeon Hana Citizen, he played full-time as a starting pitcher. Suwon FC also kept the ground as a starter, but the injury recurred.

Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon’s struggles deepen. He said, “After the game, he said it wasn’t a bad feeling. They say it feels united, but it’s a situation where you need to be diagnosed accurately.”먹튀검증

On this day, Hongcheol returned in two months after leaving due to an injury at the beginning of the season, but one of the key players was left out again. Director Choi said, “Of course, my head hurts. When did we become a winning team? In this expedition, the players did not give up decisive chances and controlled well. I think he showed a willingness to play even though it was an away game during the week.”

As coach Choi said, Daegu produced 8 effective shots out of 18 shots. In the 30th minute of the second half when the score was 0-1, Edgar’s header equalized to earn a valuable point.

From now on, the schedule is tight. You have to play both weekday and weekend games. Daegu, ranked 8th with 10 points, will challenge Suwon Samsung (2 draws and 7 losses), who are in the swamp of ‘no win’, in another away game for ‘3 wins of the season’ on the 30th, 3 days later. There is a high probability that he will go on an expedition without Sejingya. Director Choi said, “I think I have to buy and feed Sejingya a lot of delicious things.” “Not only us, but all teams are in the same situation. I will reorganize and go out.”

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Correspondent Kang Ye-jin

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