Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyeong, “I’m looking forward to the performance that matches my nickname”

 Lee Gi-

hyung, Seongnam FC coach, returns to the K-League 2. Until recently, he worked as an administrator for the Technical Research Group (TSG) of the Korea Professional Football Federation.

Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyung attended the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp press conference held at the Namhae Sports Park Hotel at 2:00 pm on the 2nd and revealed his plans and aspirations for the new season.

Coach Lee Ki-hyung, who is preparing for the 2023 season, said, “We are building a team with the determination to overcome difficult times and start anew as a new team with a lot of new players joining. After the first training session, I saw many possibilities. I think it will come true,” he said, expressing his determination and anticipation for the future.

-. What are the details of the ‘possibility’ seen in the first training?

“There was a problem in the part where new players gathered, matched their hands, learned new tactics, and got to know each other. There was a part where the players quickly learned through tactical training and intensive training. It was done more quickly. I played against Jeju United, Suwon FC, and a university team, and the players’ understanding of attack and defense tactics was very high. I am satisfied with the results compared to the short time.”

-. What are your goals for the new season?

“I want direct promotion. However, there are many variables when playing the league. At least the playoffs are going and the final goal is to aim for promotion.”

-. The mood of the team.

“Last year, there were players with a lot of previous experience, but they left the team due to various reasons. At first, only young players remained. “I will give you a chance, so let’s do it together,” a consensus was formed. The existing players and eager players were made into a team. As it was in Thailand, we still have an atmosphere that all players are given a chance. It is more desperate than any other team and We are preparing for the season with earnestness.”

-. K-League 2 has become more competitive.

“The gap between K League 1 and K League 2 is gradually narrowing. I think the level of K League 2 has improved a lot. I also think that there will be no easy games when we play in K League 2. I’ve seen it, but the K-League 2 game is more intense, and I prepare more physically. I think I have to focus on every game and play. I think that Gimcheon and Anyang will be ahead of me in terms of power now. I’ll prepare more and get points. It’s important to come.”

-. Getting promoted after being relegated isn’t easy. long-term goal.

“The reason why the team was formed this year is that there are many young players on the team, and there are players who have not been given a chance by other teams. I have a lot of talented friends because I’ve been working with them. As the season goes on, I expect that the players I’m familiar with will receive a lot of opportunities and show a groundbreaking performance. I don’t think direct promotions will be easy. Players We are emphasizing that part while preparing, and the players are aware of it. We aim for direct promotion, but in the meantime, we will show the potential to young players and give them opportunities, so that the team can develop solidly in the long run. idea.”

-. What is your impression of freshman Shin Jae-won?

“Shin Jae-won has strengths in physical things, speed, shooting ability, and finishing ability when the ball comes. (Position?) I’m thinking of flank attacks. Because there are new members joining our team, there will be a lot of position changes, and it’s not just one position. If you are a player who plays two or three positions, I plan to appoint them according to the situation.”

-. What did he say to the players who had a hard time due to various things?

“We didn’t communicate with the players at all about that part. It’s not something that we can do by working hard. Let’s work hard only on the roles we have to play, we all have a responsibility, and if we do better, good things will happen. He said it could have been.”

“What we can do is to show a good figure on the playground and think that we are lacking because we gave the fans the pain of being relegated, and if we show a desperate and not giving up figure on the playground, the fans won’t be able to heal their wounded hearts, so I thought that part. Emphasize. Fans who come to visit us say that Seongnam players, regardless of win or loss, show that they are playing soccer earnestly despite going through difficult times. I think he will work harder than the team.”

-. What do you think of the title ‘Winning Hyung’?

“At first, I was taken aback. After hearing the meaning and thinking about it, I think it’s a good nickname, so I like it. It’s lacking, but it’s being built better than ever and the players are more focused than ever. I’m hoping this season we’ll live up to that moniker.”

-. He has always been on a tough team. How are you motivating yourself?

“Sometimes I feel compulsive, and because I always take on difficult teams and make them, I think that only the hard way is going. I don’t think it’s easy just because there are good players. I think it’s important to create and manage a team that suits the situation no matter what situation you’re in as a leader. I don’t care too much, I just look at the strengths of the current players and think about building a team. It’s not something I care too much about.”

-. Criteria for making a starting lineup.

“The story told during meetings with the players is that no one player is decided as the best, and they will continue to compete and compete until they go to the game. As the opening game approaches, the outline will appear to some extent, but even if you do not want to be selected, do not give up and create an atmosphere where you can work hard and do it until the end. There is no one set as the best, and we will compete and operate until the end.”

-. return to the field.

“When I came out of Busan and had a hiatus of about two years, I had an idea of ​​wanting to go around the field (director) with TSG. . Just when I was tired, the team came out and seems to be progressing well based on what I saved. Before that, I lacked in earnest or aggressiveness. After leaving, I felt how precious this place was and that it was a place where I had to take responsibility for something, so I felt even more so. I have a lot of thoughts to prepare and do well.”

-. It feels like the status of the team called Seongnam has shrunk compared to the past.

“There are many parts that are difficult to compare with now. The biggest difference between then and now is that the players’ salaries were very high, while the surrounding infrastructure was too weak. Now, the infrastructure is well equipped. There is a clubhouse and playground on expensive land. In such a good environment, shouldn’t we go to the first division?’ The players also know what kind of team Seongnam is and what kind of spirit it is.”

-. If you analyze the reason for the relegation last season.

“When the players looked only at their performance, I could see the parts that couldn’t come together. It wasn’t the tactical part of the game, but all of them united and playing the game with the same mind, or if they made a mistake, the part that tried to lead them to say it was okay was weak and didn’t receive strength. did a lot.”

-. Lee Ho-jae, the son of Pohang. what kind of talk

“We promised each other not to talk. It can be burdensome. It’s because I’m afraid I’ll get more attention than my son.”

-. What is the plan to recruit foreigners during the 2nd field training?

“There are no plans for additional signings this year. I plan to go with two players, Mulich and Patrick.” 슬롯사이트

-. Key player this season.

“I kept talking to the players, and they said that everyone should become key players. What I emphasize to the players while preparing for this season is that you have to build a team with the idea that no one is unique and no one is uniquely lacking. Players Even before the start of the season, I want to tell him to humble himself, sacrifice himself for the team, and take care of the players next to him rather than putting anyone on the line. I plan to lead him that way.”

-. What team color are you looking for?

“When I saw Seongnam last year, they played a lot of lethargic and defensive soccer. When communicating with the fans, they said that even if they lost, they wanted to show challenging, aggressive, and fast soccer. I communicated with the players and trained. I’ve been making it with that direction since I first started.It’s ironic that I’m not obsessed with winning or losing even at the start of the season, but I’m going to endure it as much as I can and when the fans come, they say, ‘You’re playing aggressive, speedy, and challenging football, Seongnam is desperate. I have prepared it so that you can say, ‘You are working hard with it.’ I am thinking of making such a football.”

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