Shinhan Bank postpones the decision to advance into PO… Confirmed if BNK wins

Shinhan Bank’s decision to advance to the playoffs has been delayed.

Busan BNK lost 52-76 in the home game against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball Asan Woori Bank held at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on the 13th. BNK, who suffered 4 consecutive losses, finished the 5th round in 4th place with a record of 13-12. It is 2 games away from 2nd place Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and 1 game away from 3rd place Incheon Shinhan Bank.

Woori Bank confirmed the regular league championship regardless of the remaining 5 games with the victory that day.

If BNK had won that day, Woori Bank’s regular league championship would have been postponed to the next game.

Instead, there was one thing that was confirmed. It is the confirmation of Shinhan Bank’s entry into the playoffs.

Up to the current second place Samsung Life Insurance has confirmed their advance to the playoffs.

On this day, three teams, including Shinhan Bank, BNK, and Cheongju KB, were able to finish the season with 14 wins and 16 losses.

At this time, the three teams were tied at 6 wins and 6 losses, so although it was very rare, the number of cases in which Shinhan Bank was eliminated from the playoffs remained. 바카라사이트

If BNK had won that day, the number of cases where Shinhan Bank, BNK, and KB were tied would disappear. This is because Shinhan Bank and BNK left the 6th round face-to-face confrontation.

Shinhan Bank, which has disappeared from the case where the three teams are tied, has secured an opponent’s advantage with 4 wins and 1 loss in the face-to-face confrontation with KB. As a result, Shinhan Bank was automatically qualified for the playoffs.

On the other hand, BNK recorded 3 wins and 2 losses against KB, failing to secure a competitive advantage. Even though BNK beat Woori Bank, unlike Shinhan Bank, it was not confirmed to advance to the playoffs.

The competition for second place was fierce, so BNK won the game, but Shinhan Bank confirmed the playoffs, and an interesting situation almost came out. However, with BNK’s defeat, it became meaningless.

Until the playoffs are confirmed, Shinhan Bank needs one more win, and BNK needs two more wins. The same applies even if KB loses 1 or 2.

The clearest way for Shinhan Bank to advance into the playoffs is to win against KB on the 17th. However, if KB loses to Bucheon HanawonQ on the 15th, it will secure at least 4th place regardless of the remaining games.

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