“Something that could never happen to Tottenham in a million years”

Craig Burley, a football commentator from Chelsea, laughed at the rumor of Zinedine Zidane’s appointment to Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham have parted ways with manager Antonio Conte. Tottenham said on the official website on the 27th (hereinafter Korean time), “Coach Conte left the club by mutual agreement. I wish you a good future.”

Several incidents overlapped. Coach Conte lost the trust of Tottenham’s leadership due to being eliminated from the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) and rumors of a disagreement with some players such as Richarlison. The last ‘bomb remark’ against Southampton was just a trigger that accelerated the termination of manager Conte’s contract. 토토사이트

The leading candidates for the next head coach are Julian Nagelsmann and Mauricio Pochettino. Coach Nagelsmann was sacked from Bayern Munich around the same time and suddenly came up for sale. According to the British ‘Football Insider’, Tottenham contacted Nagelsmann’s side, and Nagelsmann put a condition that he would be appointed to Tottenham ‘only when he advances to UCL’.

As always, manager Pochettino is also being discussed. Coach Pochettino took over at Tottenham in 2014 and led the team’s golden era, including runner-up in the Premier League and runner-up in the UCL for five years. The squad misses Pochettino’s aggressive football, and president Daniel Levy is also known to prefer Pochettino.

An unexpected name came out. That’s Zidane’s director. Coach Zidane joined Real Madrid in 2016 and won three legendary UCL titles in a row, quickly rising to the ranks of masters. After reappointing to Real Madrid in 2019 to take care of the team, he has been unemployed since 2021.

Tottenham are also keeping an eye on coach Zidane. Italy’Sky Sports’ listed Tottenham manager candidates on the 28th and mentioned Zidane along with Pochettino, Nagelsmann and Luis Enrique.

But Burley laughed at this. Working as a commentator for the global media ‘ESPN’, he said about Zidane’s appointment to Tottenham, “(among Tottenham’s managerial candidates) Zidane can be removed from the list. That will never happen to Tottenham in a million years. “I have no plans to go to Tottenham,” Zidane said.

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