‘Son-Pe coexistence, gamcha resurrection, competitive advantage’ Caught the three rabbits, Son Heung-min is back

 It was the worst crisis.

Son Heung-min (Tottenham), who had the best year by winning the top scorer last season, fell into a false slump this season. He earned the stigma of being the ‘worst scorer’ after only 4 goals and 3 assists in 19 league games. Even the case of Tottenham senior Steve Archibald, who scored only 6 goals the following season after taking the top scorer in the league with 20 goals in the 1980-1981 season, was recalled.

Coach Antonio Conte is showing unwavering trust, but criticism from inside and outside has been strong. The story of ‘should be excluded from the starting lineup’ continued. To make matters worse, position rival Arnaud Danjuma has joined the team. Tottenham hijacked Danzuma, who was likely to go to Everton, and succeeded in signing on loan. Dandjuma has experience in England and is a quality winger who has scored double figures for Villarreal. Some media have already predicted that Danjuma will be included in the best 11 instead of Son Heung-min.

The moment when a rebound was desperately needed, Son Heung-min proved himself again, as always. He flew in the strong FA Cup. Son Heung-min started in the 2022-2023 season FA Cup 4th round (Round of 32) with Preston, a member of the championship (2nd division) held at Deepdale Stadium in Preston, England at 3 am (hereinafter Korean time) on the 29th, and scored a multi-goal exploded Season 7, 8 goals. It was his first goal in five games since the English Premier League (EPL) match against Crystal Palace on the 5th. Following the help against Fulham on the 21st, he succeeded in attacking points in two consecutive games. The team won 3-0.

On this day, there was a big change in the Tottenham attack team. Ivan Perisic came out with a one-stop. Harry Kane has missed his midweek training due to illness. With Perisic as the axis, Son Heung-min and Dejan Klusevski formed a three-top team. An unfamiliar three-top, but this change benefited Son Heung-min. The Son-Pe combination, which showed the worst breathing on the left side, showed a completely different appearance when the location was changed. Son Heung-min used Perisic as bait to penetrate the center several times, and when he moved closer to the goal, he was able to create scoring chances.

Son Heung-min, who fired two sharp shots in the 15th and 25th minutes of the first half, finally started scoring in the second half. In the 5th minute of the second half, he received a pass from Tanganga and caught the ball on the right side of the arc circle. It was Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min hit a left-footed mid-range shot. The ball drew a sharp trajectory and was sucked into the goal. Son Heung-min, who had scored a goal, received Perisic’s wonderful pass in the 24th minute of the second half, stripped the opponent’s defense with a fantastic touch, and fired another turning shot with his left foot. The ball grazed the opposing goalkeeper’s hand and shook Preston’s goal once again. 14th goal in FA Cup career. 토토사이트

The record was also impressive. Until he was substituted out in the 39th minute of the second half, he connected all 4 shots on target. He scored 2 goals with an expected goal (xG) of 0.18 goals. Son Heung-min’s unique decisiveness stood out. The pass success rate reached 96%. His big success also raised the thumbs up locally. WhoScored.com and Football London gave the team a rating of 9.1 and 9, the highest among both teams. Football London said ‘a level above all players who have been on the ground’. ‘Legend’ Alan Shearer also said through the BBC, “Two fantastic shooting, Son Heung-min is the MVP of the game.”

Son Heung-min changed the flow again with two rounds against Prest. As Danzuma came on as a substitute in the second half and scored his debut goal, his position could be greatly shaken if he performed sluggishly this time as well. However, his multiple goals reaffirmed that he is still the center of Tottenham’s attack. Tottenham said on social media, ‘Never doubt Son Heung-min’. ‘Best friend’ Kane also said, ‘Sonny (Son Heung-min’s nickname), you did a good job’. He also presented a solution to how to coexist with Perishi and how to use Son Heung-min. This is why the second goal scene is impressive. It was also encouraging that his unique shooting ability was revived. Son Heung-min also smiled after the game, saying, “The goal was scored at an important timing for both me and the team.” He said “it’s okay” about the way he feels pain after being replaced.

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