‘Sonke duo’ break up after 8 years? “Irrelevant Kane considering a move to Manchester United”

 Will the duo of Son Heung-min (31) and Harry Kane (30, above Tottenham) walk a different path after 8 years?

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 21st (Korean time), “Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag is eager to sign Kane this summer. He is also considering a move to Manchester United (open to joining United).”

Kane is a Tottenham star youth and a top superstar. He took the starting position in earnest from the 2014-2015 season, and since then has won the Premier League (PL) top scorer three times. In particular, in the 2020-2021 season, he became the first player in the 21st century to win the PL top scorer and assist king at the same time.

Kane is also famous for his perfect collaboration with Son Heung-min, a ‘soul mate’. The two jointly scored 43 goals in the PL alone, surpassing the duo of Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard (36 goals) to hold the record for the most joint goals in the PL. In addition, the two players, who are recording joint goals in 34 league games, were also named as the duo with the most joint goals in the PL.

As such, Kane is a self-proclaimed ‘world class’ striker, but the problem is the trophy. He lost both the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and League Cup finals, and his best league record is second. Kane has played for Tottenham for over 10 years, but has not won a single title.

Kane also pushed for a move to Manchester City ahead of last season. However, he was caught in the contract period (summer of 2024) with three years remaining and remained with the team. Fortunately, Tottenham dramatically finished fourth after Antonio Conte took over, and Kane, who saw hope, no longer expressed his dissatisfaction. 메이저사이트

Contrary to expectations, Tottenham again entered a slump. Tottenham, who failed to properly reinforce the defense, were in a dangerous situation even in the 5th place after a disastrous performance. Coach Conte also openly said that Tottenham is a team that cannot dream of winning the championship.

In the end, Kane also seems to have left his mind. Currently, Kane is chasing Alan Shearer (260 goals) as the 3rd most scored player in PL history (198 goals). As he has stated many times before that he wants to pass Shearer, he is likely to prefer a transfer within the PL.

The Daily Mail said, “Tottenham want to re-sign Kane, but the prospects are negative. Manager Ten Hag wants England captain Kane. The Manchester United board has already started looking into the possibility of signing Kane. To their delight, he He is also open to a Manchester United move.”

Tottenham is also thinking of parting with Kane. The media said, “How Tottenham finishes this season, especially whether or not it has won the UCL, will be a big variable in persuading Kane.” “Man United will need more money considering they are rivals in the Premier League.”

If Kane leaves Tottenham this summer, the ‘Sonke Duo’ will end after 8 years after the 2015-2016 season. Tottenham’s prime, represented by the two players, is also waning.

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